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Split Round

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Its almost Easter .The AFL has a split round for the holiday break which starts on Thursday night at the Gabba when the Lions play Carlton.

This round of matches has been spread over the four day break in a bid to get as many spectators as possible to all games .

Traditionally , it has provided some great competitions all played out in beautiful pre-winter weather around the country.

No games are played on Good Friday.It is still considered to be a part of the sacred Easter ritual and the afl will not schedule any games for this day .Attempts have been launched for this to happen but it has met with no success.
Easter is a clever marketing campaign by the afl who attract record crowds to the fixture.

Fans everywhere are in a relaxed holiday mode stuffed full of buns , chocolate and fish . All will turn out to barrack for their team in their clubs
colours jersey , jumper , guernsey .

Even those not at the Game will have radios and TV’s tuned to the game from the door of the tent or the kitchen shelf of the holiday cabin.

Its a chance for families to get together in their jersey , jumper , guernsey and go to the footy or listen to the game .

Get out there and enjoy it and don’t forget to wear the jersey , jumper , guernsey .

Jumpers for Easter

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Instead of the traditional chocolate Egg for Easter have you considered giving a football jumper as a gift ?

In these days of weight consciousness , childhood obesity and record numbers of people being overweight and unhealthy it could be a valid gift idea.
The child or adult recipient could be so delighted with your alternative gift idea they will eschew chocolate for a lifetime .

You could be setting up a novel alternative to the chocolate easter egg and ensuring healthy eating habits are instilled.

Just a thought .

In the modern age football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys are available for all shapes and sizes . They range from tiny baby , 1 year old , up to XXXXL adult size which is quite a generous fit on most adults.

Do something healthy this Easter.Make everyone happy , giver , receiver and anxious parents.

Don’t be afraid to start a new trend of the giving of football jumpers , jerseys, guernseys.

very small


First Game Honours

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Round One of the AFL Season has been played to record crowds and some suprising results. Carlton minus Fevola beat the Tigers ,the Western Bulldogs , flag favourites after their NAB Cup win,were outplayed by the Magpies.The Saints hung on in a close game to beat Sydney and the Dockers thrashed the Crows, with the Cats beating a fast finishing Essendon side .

The AFL recorded huge attendances at all games with many grounds reaching a sellout .

Fans everywhere were proud to wear their teams colours in their jumper , jersey , guernsey .Their were no stand out deviations from traditional strips with most clubs wearing their well recognised , traditional coloured jumper , jersey , guernsey.

Port Adelaide Power is the only team to have changed its style and colour of jumper , jersey , guernsey for the 2010 season.

Colourful jumpers , jerseys , guernseys were proudly worn by fans at all games.

Even babies wore their jumpers , jerseys , guernseys proudly and were often held aloft to cheer when their team got a goal.

Young Dees

Young Dees

First Round

Friday, March 26th, 2010
signed home strip

signed home strip

A record crowd watched the two teams Richmond play Carlton on thursday night at the MCG. More record crowds are expected as the rest of the round is played tonight and over the weekend .Fans everywhere are wearing their team colours jumper , jersey , guernsey . It will be interesting to see in some of the match ups whether teams have to change or modify their traditional strip to avoid confusion over colour clash.The usual home and away strips are usually adopted by the respective clubs unless there is an obvious clash of colours . Often in these situations different coloured shorts are  worn . In recent years there has also been a trend by clubs towards wearing a white away or clash jumper , jersey ,guernsey.

.Hawks Home Jumper Jersey

First and Last Game Honours

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Matthew Richardson the likeable Tasmanian footballer announced his retirement from the Richmond FC over the summer break.

Tonight he will be honoured as one of the all time great players when he walks a lap of honour around the MCG.

This walk is pre game entertainment prior to the first match of the 2010 AFL Season between Richmond and Carlton .

There has been much coverage of this event in the media and cardboard cut out face masks of ‘Richo’ are available .

Large numbers of fans off both teams will be at the game in their team colour jumper , jersey , guernsey , some with the masks.

This repeats a trend that has developed when great players retire . A recent example was when Robert Harvey retired from the St Kilda Saints.

Avid supporters will wear or hold up the “Richo” mask above their jumper , jersey , guernsey.

It raises the question about other players retirements.

When Barry Hall retires from the Western Bulldogs will the MCG be awash with cardboard cut outs of his face . A very scary thought!

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