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Local Football Grounds

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Games were once played at smaller inner suburban grounds .

Collingwood , played at Victoria Park , Carlton ,at Princes Park , and  South Melbourne at Lakeside Oval.  North Melbourne played at Arden St , and Fitzroy , at Brunswick St Oval .Windy Hill was home to Essendon and the Punt Rd Oval housed Richmond , with Hawthorn at home in Glenferrie Oval ( the ” sardine can “) .

Fans often walked , rode a bike or caught the tram / train, short distances , to these matches in their football jumpers, jerseys , guernseys.

Big crowds and big money have made these grounds obsolete.

Victoria Park languishes but was recently used as a prop for a TV series .
Princes Park has been redeveloped as a training facility for the Blues and is also home to a merchandise shop and office .

The Fitzroy Oval hosts VAFA local football , with a team that plays in the traditional,Fitzroy strip.Windy Hill is Essendon’s, admin , training and spiritual home , as is the Punt Rd Oval for the Tigers.

Arden St, is the training and admin base for the Kangaroos,  and Lakeside Oval is a reception centre and home to local soccer side . Glenferrie Oval, is open public space .

The AFL”S , 70’s white elephant , Waverley Park , is now home to residential housing , the notorious carpark buried under townhouses.

Big stadiums like Etihad at the Docklands and Melbourne’s iconic MCG are home to weekend AFL Clashes.

Fans go in their thousands wearing their football jumpers, jerseys , guernseys to watch their beloved teams play on the big stage.

Vintage Jumper worn to the " Sardine Can " matches

Vintage Jumper worn to the " Sardine Can " matches

Live Football

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

There is nothing like a close AFL football Game, for spectator enjoyment.

Hawks Vintage Jumper

Hawks Vintage Jumper

Last Friday night , the clash between St Kilda , and Hawthorn was such a Game .

Two evenly matched teams . The Hawks , lead by a point at the first break , the Saints by a point at half time , and at the 3rd , and last quarter nothing seperated them .The match ultimately resulting in a draw. Two points to each club.

Much has been written , and spoken about the Hawthorn disallowed goal in the final minutes , which most certainly cost the Hawks outright victory.

The bottom line is Hawthorn temporarily infringed, and then paid the price .

As a long time follower of AFL football, it ranks as one of the best games I have ever seen .

Two things stood out . St Kilda’s fighting spirit , and the Hawks great athleticism . All this , combined with the size and the roar of the crowd , and an adrenalin fuelled , action packed spectacle,  that thrilled fans to the very last ,  showcased friday night footy at its very best .

Neither club song was sung ,  but most fans went home with a song in their heart , knowing they had witnessed a truly great spectacle .

Saints clash Jumper

Saints clash Jumper

The 17 th Team

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

The AFL unveiled its new team , the Gold Coast Suns , on Thursday .They will commence playing , in the 2011 Season.

Their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys , are mainly red and yellow .
It has a wave design and a large GC logo . The clash strip, following the trend of rival teams with similiar colours wearing white jumpers , is mainly white with a blue wave design.

Home and Away strips are similiar with more yellow on the Away jumpers, jerseys , guernseys .Home shorts are red , away are white , clash are white .

A club song has been written .

Much media coverage has surrounded the establishment of this new AFL team .
Sit back for the ride as a new Queensland team enters the AFL Competition .

The other Queensland Team

The other Queensland Team

Little Kids play in Football Jumpers

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

All around the country on cold , weekend mornings , young kids are playing  AFL football, in local competitions and clinics  .

Parents ,often nursing hangovers , or lack of sleep , watch on, whilst their youngsters play .

Each kid is usually kitted out,  in their AFL,  football jumper , jersey , guernsey .

All 16 AFL teams are represented .

Obviously , parochial favouritism of local teams occurs , but generally each player has a liking , family history , or reason,  for supporting their team, and wearing the jumper .

Many , wear the number of a favourite player , on their back .

A kaleidoscope of colours , teams , allegiances in football jumpers, on a local scale .

AFL Football , is alive and well at grass roots level , as well as on the bigger stage.

Nic Natinui 's Number 9 for West Coast Eagles

Nic Natinui 's Number 9 for West Coast Eagles

Saturday Afternoon Football

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

A crowd of almost 82,000 , went to the MCG last Saturday afternoon , to watch , the Collingwood versus St Kilda Game .

It was a massive crowd,  for a typical , home and away clash of the Season. Fans love Saturday Afternoon Footy. They go in their football jumpers, jerseys, guernseys , to enjoy the Game.

The AFL , could schedule more Games, for a Saturday afternoon in Melbourne ,at either of the stadiums .

Collingwood Magpies , who have the most financial members in the AFL ,possibly comprised up to 50,000 fans.

The rest , whether Saints fans,  or just lovers of AFL football, voted with their feet . Hopefully the AFL , will take notice .

Interstate Games are hard for fans to get to !

Interstate Games are hard for fans to get to !

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