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Football Jumpers at the Gym

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Spotted a Collingwood Football Jumper , at my local PCYC Gym , Friday , 7.00am .Yes , a bit early to be sporting the sartorial elegance of the Magpies colours,  but hey if you’ve got it,  flaunt it . Muscled torso , young pecs , devil may care attitude , all topped of by the premiership winning , teams colours .The wearer seemed oblivious , to the envious stares , or were they annoyed looks , as he was wearing it,  at St Kilda PCYC , a stronghold of Saints fans !

The AFL , announced on Thursday,  the fixture for the 2011 Season , of Home and Away Matches . Most clubs , seem content  with the draw . The AFL , are trying innovative approaches,  with spreading more football over week night games ,

another Qld team joins the Competition

another Qld team joins the Competition

and taking afl , to more interstate venues . The new team Gold Coast Suns,  play their inaugural home game,  against Carlton ,  on Saturday night 2 April . 2011.

The 2011 season , runs from 24 March 2011 ,  to  1  October 2011.

The NAB Cup , precedes the Home and Away Season,  with matches scheduled,  for February 2011.

Saturday Arvo Fever , Football Jumpers , Melb Museum

Monday, October 25th, 2010

There is a display relating to suburban footy grounds , and supporters , in “The Melbourne Story ” , exhibition at Melbourne Museum.

Old Style Saints Football Jumper

Old Style Saints Football Jumper

Relive old memories , reminisce with fellow fans , and show the kids where you went to watch footy .

These , Aussie Rules Footy Games , were played at the your local suburban grounds , to smaller crowds,  with uncomplicated expectations , apart from the hope that their team would win .

Fans walked , drove , rode a bike or caught the bus , to their local ground , which provided a central community hub , for the locals , and their team .

The local footy ground , provided a site of identity , and belonging, for supporters.

The ” Saturday Arvo Fever “, section of the exhibition , might display a bygone era , but fans were still keen to watch their beloved football team , whilst wearing their  football jumper , jersey , guernsey.

Modern Lions Football Jumper

Modern Lions Football Jumper

Take  a look , at the Museum of Melbourne , Nicholson St , Carlton.

Cricket Season in Football Jumpers ?

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Picture this , a local suburban park , inner Melbourne ,  Saturday morning , 10.00 am .

Two ovals , two teams playing Cricket in their traditional white sporting gear.

A cluster of parents and supporters are looking on . Several , are wearing their AFL Football Jumpers , Jerseys , Guernseys.

It may be Spring in the Southern Hemisphere,  when the sporting code shifts away from AFL Football , to Cricket , but many a fans thoughts, never stray far from AFL footy  .

Many continue to wear their beloved jumper , jersey , guernsey, whatever the Season , or sport being played , and watched  .

Baby fans at Cricket wearing Footy Jumper

Baby fans at Cricket wearing Footy Jumper

AFL International Rules Tour 2010

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

An AFL team,  will play in Ireland , for an International Rules Series , beginning in Limerick on 23 October , 2010.

It continues a 26 year history of competition . The series , was abandoned for two years in 2005 and 2006 , as Australia’s style of play,  was deemed too physically combatitive for the Irish team.

Irish fans,  didn’t enjoy the spectacle , and left the matches early .
The Irish team , cancelled their tour in 2007 .

The series was played in 2008 , in Australia , but poor economic conditions led to its cancellation in 2009.

An amalgamated team of AFL players and advisors , with acting coach Mick Malthouse , the Collingwood Magpies ,  successful premiership Coach , to make the 2010 Tour .

The Australian players will wear the modern style , AFL Football Jumper , Jersey , Guernsey .

It is usually a unique design incorporating the Australian Coat of Arms , AFL and International Rules Series logos,  and becomes a collectible, amongst supporters.

The tour concludes in Dublin, on 30 October , 2010.

Modern Guernseys will be worn for the Series

Modern Guernseys will be worn for the Series

Football Jumpers in October ?

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Why not ?

We have just witnessed an historic , AFL Grand Final , in October .

The first ever , and it certainly won’t be the last, as more teams , join the competition .

A Gold Coast Suns team, starts in 2011 , and GWS begin in 2012 .

This will necessitate , in the playing season , being lengthened .

It is Spring in the Southern Hemisphere , and daylight saving has begun , in many of the Australian states , and Territories.

Spring typifies warm days , and balmy nights , with more daylight , and sunshine , to  shine on us,   mere mortals .

With this  lightening of our souls , in the face of glorious weather,  will we pack away our much loved , football jumper , jersey , guernsey ?

A resounding no .

No need . The fabric of modern football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys, is such that it breathes with you , absorbs sweat , is lightweight , highly portable ,and is aerodynamically designed , to mould to the body, like a second skin, making it supremely comfortable.

Wear your football jumper , jersey , guernsey now .

We don’t care that its October .

Let get in early for next Season , and prepare for success .

Lions Rare Red Jumper

Lions Rare Red Jumper

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