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Football Jumpers at the Beach

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Yes , despite all evidence to the contrary , Melbourne is fast approaching summer , and hopefully we will get,  warmer weather .

Last Sunday , at St Kilda foreshore ,  I spotted , in two seperate locations , two young men wearing their AFL Kangaroos football jumpers over the top of their boardshorts . One was wearing lurid orange coloured , floral printed , boardies , whilst the other was in more subdued tones .The football jumper was very prominent because of its colour and style . Surely , as they were in St Kilda’ s heartland , they should have been  sporting Saints colours !

Whilst on the subject of the  Saints , Sam Gilbert was spotted , the day before ,  crossing Inkerman St , with a female companion in tow , near the site of the remodelled , Newmarket Hotel . Looking tanned and relaxed , following his AFL trip to Ireland for an afl display ,

In Saints home territory

In Saints home territory

is he now going into the pub game like many other afl footballers ?

Freestyle Football at the Circus

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Its Summer , traditionally the off season for AFL football .

Silvers Circus , currently performing at Burnley , in Melbourne’s inner east , have added a new part to their show , an act on juggling a football .

Its called the Trick Star Freestyle show. As part of their live show , it highlights the spectacular new sport , of Freestyle Football, which is the art of juggling a football in any position , with various parts of the body , in time with the pumping soundtrack .

Interesting , but do the performers wear their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys whilst doing it ?

Footy Jumpers at the Circus ?

Footy Jumpers at the Circus ?

AFL Footballers and Fetes

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

In my local area , on Saturday , two fetes were advertised, promising appearances by , AFL football teams .

Richmond Football Club , were promised to appear at the Very Special Kids, fundraiser in Malvern .

Melbourne Football Club ,  attended  the Elsternwick Primary school fete , in Brighton , on the same day .

Spotted in the crowd at Malvern , was a little boy , wearing his Richmond Clash colours , football jumper , jersey , guernsey . Peering through the crowd  , he appeared  to be anxiously awaiting the arrival of his favourite player . Likewise at Brighton ,  several young fans  , wearing Melbourne colours , were spotted , milling in the crowd .

Must be the end of year  , fete  season ,where schools and organisations , are hoping to fill their coffers  , and raise additional funds  by holding these fundraisers .

Baby Dees in the Crowd

Baby Dees in the Crowd

Lets hope the little tiger in Malvern,  got to see his heroes .

Licensed Football Jumper or chain store special ?

Friday, November 19th, 2010
Retro Richmond TAC Sponsors Jumper

Retro Richmond TAC Sponsors Jumper

Licensed Football jumpers are unique . They carry the teams sponsors , for the current season , or those of a past season . A jumper can be dated,  from the sponsor, who appears on the jumper . An example , is the Richmond Tigers , football jumper . In the past, the TAC sponsored them , and they had “drink drive , bloody idiot ” , printed on , their team football jumper , jersey , guernsey .
New sponsors sign up each season , and pay for the right to have the advertsing of their brand , on the jumper . Costly for the company , but they receive world wide media coverage , and priceless exposure of their brand .

Chain store football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys do not carry these logos . They sell a generic afl jumper that has the team colours , and team logo /mascot , but not the sponsors .

If you want a jumper just like the players wear , you need to buy a licensed product . You may not be aware of the difference but the fans are . If you are giving one as a gift , or purchasing it for the special person in your life , young or old , buy the genuine article . It is worth spending , the few dollars more . The recipient will be eternally grateful.

Trade Week , The Draft , Gold Coast Suns and off season surgery

Monday, November 15th, 2010

The AFL publicity machine , has gone into overdrive , publishing articles on all of the above topics , in newspapers , TV and radio broadcasts .

Ben Cousins angst

Ben Cousins angst

Even the Melbourne Herald Sun , trotted out the tired old line on Ben Cousins , “I still think about drugs everyday  ” , over the weekend .

VFL players being offered contracts with AFL Teams

VFL players being offered contracts with AFL Teams

It is almost  Summer , traditionally , the off season for football .

Rugby and cricket are in the news , with Australian teams playing in the UK , and at home in Australia .

The AFL , even in the off season , have managed to generate interest in footy .

A former Hawk , now a  new recruit to the Gold Coast Suns , has been employed , to write a column on his transition from a Hawk to a  Sun , and the difference in training regimes .

A list of the new young guns , the draft picks for 2011 , and the probable  team , they will be picked to play for  , has been published in the daily press .

Another article features VFL players who are to be offered AFL places . Finally an article on , Jack Riewoldt , of  the Richmond Tigers , and the Leagues 2010 leading goalkicker . His finger surgery , has been detailed , and it explains , it is to repair , a broken finger .

Footy fans , are keen to hear news of their teams , and readers are being treated to a feast of media exposure , compliments of a clever  marketing team at the AFL .

New recruits for the Demons

New recruits for the Demons

It would appear that ,  news of their teams , and football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys , are never far from the footy fans thoughts  .

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