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Footy’s Back

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Footy’ s Back

The NAB Cup kicks off its 2011 season, in Adelaide , on Friday February 11 .

Its a new format , with three teams playing three games , on the one night .

More Games will be played, around the country , over the remainder of the weekend , and the following weekend .

Finals footy ,will be played amongst the successful teams , with the ultimate victor taking out , the coveted,  NAB Cup .

2 for the price of 1 in tiger cubs

2 for the price of 1 in tiger cubs

Tickets are reasonably priced .Those fans who are under 18 years of age , who register their details online , are given free entry .

Proceeds are going towards helping community football clubs, affected by the floods.

Dust off your  football jumper , jersey , guernsey,  and wear it to the Game , or buy a new one .

Tickets , for the NAB Cup ,  are on sale from the 31st January 2011.

Carlton Blues

Carlton Blues

Waterproof Football Jumpers ?

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Are Football Jumpers , Jerseys , Guernseys ,  waterproof ?

With torrential rain in Queensland , Northern NSW , and Victoria , causing rain , storm and flood damage , it begs the question .

The current style of afl , jumper , jersey , guernsey is designed from  modern , man made  fabrics ,with names like climatech and polydri . It conjures up visions of aerodynamic , space age like suits , with mere mortals inside .

Is it Waterproof ?

Is it Waterproof ?

Are they waterproof though ? Yes ,  for the purposes of playing AFL Aussie Rules Footy . No , in the current torrential rain conditions . Even the humble footy jumper cannot stand up to the unseasonal deluges , of recent times .

They look good though , even drenched , as it all adds to the drowned rat look , currently favoured  by most of Australia .

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