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Who took the Australia out of the AFL Football Jumper

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

As a purchaser of AFL football jumpers I have always noted they were made in Australia.

Historically Australian Made

Historically Australian Made

Recently , I purchased several AFL,  authentic , licensed football jumpers , printed with official sponsors , from a major sporting goods retail outlet . All were made in China . Two seperate manufacturers produced them . Neither company , were the three traditional manufacturers , who had always made them in Australia .

A disturbing trend . The price has been maintained making them an expensive item and the quality of manufacture displays less attention to detail.

The AFL prides itself on a national competition,  and promotes the Australianess of the brand ,yet it allows football jumpers , previously manufactured in Australia , to be made in China .

Another great Aussie icon , the humble footy jumper , bites the dust ?

Chinese made

Chinese made

Sledging and Footy

Friday, February 11th, 2011

The King of Sledge ?

On air radio sledging , by media man Eddie McGuire , with GWS coach , Kevin Sheedy , caused a furore this week . McGuire’s comment ” the land of the falafel ” was used to describe GWS . It incited Sheedy , fellow commentators , and AFL fans .

The media savvy president , of the popular Collingwood Magpies , has achieved much publicity , even though the AFL Season , hasn’t started yet !

Love him or hate him , Mc Guire , is a brilliant operator , who is able to gain exposure for the Game , and get publicity for his Club , with his clever media manipulating tactics.

Are the AFL are paying him a fee , for his skills ?

The NAB Cup , the AFL’s pre season competition , begins tonight .

The 2011 Competition , begins on 24 March through to October 1 2011 . Its new format includes 17 clubs , and 24 rounds of matches . The Grand Final , traditionally played on the last Saturday in September has moved . It will be played on the first saturday of October , to accommodate new team , Gold Coast Suns , into the competition .

Sheedy's  kids jumper

Sheedy's kids jumper

Vintage Football Jumpers

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Vintage AFL Football Jumpers are a piece of living history . They are a knitted piece of nostalgia , reminding fans of  their first football jumper or their first footy game , played at their clubs old home ground , largely no longer in use .

Sure the newer , slicker models are ergonomically designed , and are rated as a superior product , but nothing beats the scratchy wool / acrylic feel , of the old model . The style of the jumper and the sponsors logos date it . They place it back in time , when footy was for saturday afternoon entertainment , and you could walk to your local ground , and buy a ticket at the gate . You stood if it was a big crowd , often atop the  slab of beer cans , that had been carried into the ground by your mates .

Vintage Football jumpers evoke a wave of nostalgia , and are still looking good . Generally they are smaller in size than the current models  but they are much bigger in reputation.

old style hawks

old style hawks

Happy Footy Fans

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Football deprived fans , are getting ready for the 2011,  AFL Football Season .

Many fans , will dust off the old , or will buy a new footy jumper .

Get down to the footy , and watch your team play. Enjoy it ,  relax , and move on from the summer that was !

Eagles Jumper

Eagles Jumper

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