• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Babies Love AFL Football Jumpers.

They do .

Just ask them .

Ask any parent .

Whats not to like ?

AFL Football Jumpers are stylish .Junior is looking good around town in it.

They are extremely practical as made from polyester which has miraculous recovery powers from baby sick .

Football Jumpers are resilient , they are waterproof . Helpful in leakage situations and able to recover from the spills of everyday baby life.

Most importantly they brainwash the little person into following a particular side .

Marked from birth to a life of following Mum / Dad’ s / Nanna’s / Grandpa’s/ Great Aunt Marcia’s Team .

They they are part of the family now , why should they escape the martyrdom of following the family’s team .

Buy one today and let the nipper rejoice. They too are now part of the close knit family unit that follows the footy like a religion.

Little people now , footy fans for life.

Baby Tiger
Baby Tiger