• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Why not ?

We have just witnessed an historic , AFL Grand Final , in October .

The first ever , and it certainly won’t be the last, as more teams , join the competition .

A Gold Coast Suns team, starts in 2011 , and GWS begin in 2012 .

This will necessitate , in the playing season , being lengthened .

It is Spring in the Southern Hemisphere , and daylight saving has begun , in many of the Australian states , and Territories.

Spring typifies warm days , and balmy nights , with more daylight , and sunshine , to  shine on us,   mere mortals .

With this  lightening of our souls , in the face of glorious weather,  will we pack away our much loved , football jumper , jersey , guernsey ?

A resounding no .

No need . The fabric of modern football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys, is such that it breathes with you , absorbs sweat , is lightweight , highly portable ,and is aerodynamically designed , to mould to the body, like a second skin, making it supremely comfortable.

Wear your football jumper , jersey , guernsey now .

We don’t care that its October .

Let get in early for next Season , and prepare for success .

Lions Rare Red Jumper
Lions Rare Red Jumper