Footy Jumpers get a name

AFL Footy jumpers are set to have players names on the back .

The AFL has had a 100 year tradition of leaving the players guernseys nameless . 2014 sees them break this tradition , and is trialling the naming process this year.

Dees 33

Dees 33

Begs the question is it for identification purposes of trial by video ? Will it will identify on field players from each other . Fans will clearly know who they are supporting or heckling , and umpires will know who to penalise !

Where will the name go ? Above the number ? Or under the sponsor ?

Historically , many sporting codes have printed the players names on the back . The British EPL , and European Football Clubs , have done so for many years .

Does this mean the humble AFL football jumper , jersey , guernsey , is finally coming of age ?

Bombers Guernsey

Bombers Guernsey

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