• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Guernsey, a British term used to describe fishing attire, designed to keep the cold and wet out whilst fishermen ply their trade. The secret to the weaving was the hard twist given to the natural wool fibres in an effort to repel sea spray, maintain warmth, and provide a comfortable yet long wearing garment suitable for a hard life of toil at sea in damp conditions.

Vintage Tigers Footy Jumper
Vintage Tigers Footy Jumper
proud 150th anniversary jumper
Proud Demons 150th anniversary Guernsey

The modern AFL footy guernsey is vastly different, and provides a hard wearing, long living protection of another type. Todays version is often manufactured in China from durable, synthetic, polyester fabric. The most popular style is sleeveless and is fashioned in vivid team colours sporting sponsors logos, players names and numbers. It is fashioned to resist moisture, of the sweat variety, brought on by players on field exertions. Its ability to resist spray may be called into validity when the player is receiving some helpful advice from the coach or some side line barracking from ardent fans.