• Sun. Jun 26th, 2022


The history of the Football Jumper.

tigers vintage jumper
tigers vintage jumper

The team strip and colours are the same for all, only the style and what they are made of changes through the years.
Every jumper tells a thousand stories.
Lots of families have stories passed down from generation to generation that have long since become legend, true or not complete with many embellishments.

saints vinttage jumper
Vintage Saints Jumper


We all remember the St Kilda jumper that was worn on the day of their only Grand final win, or the old Fitzroy jumper handed down through the family since 1957 and is getting a bit tatty

They can be traced as part of Australia’s folklore and highlight historical events

Every jumper tells a thousand stories indeed Australia’s changing fiscal wealth can be traced through the remodelling and restyling of the same basic model.
Old style Football Jumpers have become collectors items and can be valuable if only for the memories of the proud owners
The history of the jumper is as old as the sport itself and can be traced as an historical document.

Originally made in wool, with long sleeves, button up front and peak collar with a striped sash or two and three colour combinations.
When Australia jumped off the sheep’s back the jumpers became a mix of acrylic and wool , nylon and wool or acrylic and wool, ending up with today’s modern incarnation of polyester no wool in sight .

Hurray breathed the baby boomers who had fond memories of scratchy damp smelly wool mix misshapen jumpers rubbing bodies and arms.

Eagles Clash Strip
Eagles Clash Strip

100,s of kids letting out blood curdling screams as the battle cry was raised – get the ball.
2016’s modern sleek polyester styles stamped with AFL approved, bear little resemblance to the old timers, but all retain the team colours and mascots, although logos have been vamped up and restyles and reworked by ad agencies

From the first indigenous players kicking around an old gnarled tree root to its modern day form of sleek elite athletes, encased in aerodynamic suits with springs on their feet chasing an ergonomically balanced piece of leather
Footy has embraced the great Australian dream of a fair go for all, and footy is a sport played by all for all, anywhere, any time.


It is truly a national sport.
It is a familial and generational thing.
You go to the footy with your family who go for the Pies because they were born to it.
Grandpa, Uncle Bill, the next door neighbour played for them in the 1930’s
You have always gone to the footy with your whole family, even when you are grown up and are taking your kids, meeting in the same area and going for the same team you were born to.