• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Last Chance Saloon


Aug 30, 2009

The 30th august dawns and it is the final round of the AFL Football Home and Away Season .

Teams battling for a spot in the final eight play for  their season and their chance to play off in the finals .All hope to get to that magical last day in september at the MCG.

Sides that have played well all year are assured of a spot in the finals, those teams with patchy form hope to redeem themselves to be able to play.

For many players it is time to hang up the boots and retire or move to another club .

A truly inspirational sight was the retirement of two port adelaide players on saturday night . Peter Burgoyne unashamedly crying as he completed a lap of honour of his home ground with his 3 little boys in tow all in club gear all proud of their dad with the middle boy helping the youngest . A gifted indigenous player who hailed from the NT to play on the AFL’s greatest stage and receive its penultimate honour of an AFL premiership player in 2004. This is a poignant  reminder of how great our game is and lets hope those 3 little boys will follow in Dad’s footsteps and thrill fans of future generations ssssssssss-0351.

Get out there  fans wear your colours loud and proud you are on for the most exciting ride of the season. And even if you team didn’t make it fans Australia wide wear their colours at this time of year .

Let the Games Begin.