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There is nothing like a close AFL football Game, for spectator enjoyment.

Hawks Vintage Jumper

Hawks Vintage Jumper

Last Friday night , the clash between St Kilda , and Hawthorn was such a Game .

Two evenly matched teams . The Hawks , lead by a point at the first break , the Saints by a point at half time , and at the 3rd , and last quarter nothing seperated them .The match ultimately resulting in a draw. Two points to each club.

Much has been written , and spoken about the Hawthorn disallowed goal in the final minutes , which most certainly cost the Hawks outright victory.

The bottom line is Hawthorn temporarily infringed, and then paid the price .

As a long time follower of AFL football, it ranks as one of the best games I have ever seen .

Two things stood out . St Kilda’s fighting spirit , and the Hawks great athleticism . All this , combined with the size and the roar of the crowd , and an adrenalin fuelled , action packed spectacle,  that thrilled fans to the very last ,  showcased friday night footy at its very best .

Neither club song was sung ,  but most fans went home with a song in their heart , knowing they had witnessed a truly great spectacle .

Saints clash Jumper

Saints clash Jumper

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