• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Old style football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys are sought by many.

Fans , players of AFL football and collectors everywhere want to wear them, buy them or keep them .

They are generally the woollen or wool mix , knitted , long sleeve variety with button up front or V neck .It often has a club name sewn on front and number sewn on back .The jumper may simply be a colour combination that dates it as belonging to a certain club or dating from a particular era.

The purchaser may be a parent who wants to dress their baby in the jumper they wore as a child or something similiar to it .

These older style jumpers are enjoying a renaissance in their twilight years as collectors world wide hanker for the old school team jumper they played in, or their teams old strip .

Amateur teams who want to get together for a friday night game after work all want to wear them .Kids at the game who play kick to kick after the match want them.

These jumpers were often plastered in unfashionable sponsors logos for tobacco companies and breweries. They can be dated from a period by the sponsors logo , its age , and whether the company still exists. Often the sponsors logo will add to the value of the jumper and make it more highly prized .

The old style jumpers , jerseys , guernseys are much sort after and collectors and fans alike will pay a high price to secure a much coveted item .Old Fitzroy Lions and South Melbourne or Footscray jumpers are in great demand.

A woolly jumper usually tells a story , has a history and can often evoke a fond memory from the most ardent fan. Today they can be enshrined under glass to preserve them .

It would appear that the old style footy jumper will only grow in popularity as time goes by .

They can become part of yours and AFL history. Get grandpa , Uncle Cyril or cousin Roy to get it out from under the bed or down from the attic and wear it with pride . You might be surprised with the comments it gets and the offers you are made !

like dad wore
like dad wore