• Tue. May 17th, 2022

The Saints , beat the Cats ,  in AFL , Friday Night Football , at the MCG .

St Kilda Saints , number one ticket holder , Eric Bana , was in the crowd.

He was wearing a Saints scarf , to show his support .

It appeared to be a non official , unlicensed product . In short , a cheap knock off.

With his multi – millionaire status , you would think the successful,  Australian actor , could afford the real thing.

Fair enough , members scarfs are a dime a dozen , with vintage one’s being highly collectable , and coveted , making them  hard to get.

Whilst we don’t expect him to don the Saints jumper , jersey , guernsey , we at least expect him to shell out, for an authentic scarf .

Perhaps an erstwhile trader , will send him one in the mail ?

Limited shopping opportunities in LA , or lack of time and resources , don’t excuse it , as a scarf is easily , purchasable on line.

Come on Eric , get real !

Real Saints Jumper
Real Saints Jumper