Style of Jumper

There are three styles of modern jumper , jersey , guernsey .

The sleeveless style which has no sleeves .

The long sleeve style which has long sleeves .

And the short sleeve style which has short sleeves.

Few players wear long sleeve jumpers in the modern game .

Memorable players who wore one in recent times were Matthew Lapin ,Carlton Blues player . Another famous wearer was James Hird , Essendon Bombers Captain.

Most modern players wear the sleeveless style.

This is in stark contrast to the old style players who mainly wore long sleeve woolly jumpers , jerseys , guernseys.

The short sleeve style of jumper , jersey , guernsey is usually worn for training purposes.

Sleeveless , long sleeved , or short sleeved ?

A football jumper , jersey , guernsey is usually worn with pride whatever the style .

long sleeves

long sleeves

short sleeves

short sleeves



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