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Too Much Publicity

Monday, March 7th, 2011

I glanced at the AGE Newspaper this morning , and read the headline " Nixon Flies In " . My first thought was , do they mean Richard Nixon ,  impeached , US President , or Christine Nixon , former Victorian Police Commisioner ? No , in football crazed Melbourne it referred to Ricky Nixon , AFL football player manager .

An appearance on commercial TV , by the person at the centre of the saga ,  concerning afl football players and managers behaviour , has kept a non newsworthy story alive .

Many supporters , women , men , young people and families are bored with it

Can we just get back to playing , and reporting on playing,  AFL Football?

Play footy ?

Play footy ?

Mad Monday

Monday, August 30th, 2010

Its Mad Monday .

No mad Monday for Collingwood

No mad Monday for Collingwood

Traditionally , the day when all AFL Football Teams, who haven't made the Finals , celebrate the end of the Season.

Around the country , AFL football players , in all leagues , will relax, and enjoy the temporary break , from training and playing .

Spotted in Port Melbourne, a group of Irish travellers , young men with beards, in dresses . When one attempted to hop , uninvited , on the back of a scooter , he was asked who he played for ? The rapid response was,  Celtic ! Truly, adding an international flavour , to Melbourne's ,Mad Monday.

Amateur teams celebrate

Amateur teams celebrate

AFL Football Players and the Media

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Most AFL football players,  enjoy a harmonious relationship,with the media.

Games are reported on , players injuries detailed, and the highs , and lows of a players career , all make good copy .

The supporters insatiable appetite, for all things related to their sport, is quenched on a daily basis, by these media reports.

Continual scrutiny , and reporting by the media, helps fuel interest , and provide accurate information .

Its hard to know when this coverage crosses the line , and becomes invasive for players and their families.

Fans , love to hear about their team, and it's players. Dredging up past misdemeanours , and constantly giving it media coverage, may be detrimental to them , and place the game in a poor light.

Supporters love the game ,their club ,and its players .They will go to watch in their football jumpers, jerseys, guernseys ,when they can . Many enjoy the live televising and replay of afl clashes.

Other issues will be dealt with fairly by the appropriate authorities.

Fans just want to have fun .

St Kilda Player under media scrutiny

St Kilda Player under media scrutiny

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