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IRS Footy in Ireland

An all indigenous team of AFL Football Players , are playing games in Ireland , titled the International Rules Series . It uses a round ball , and different rules…

Could’ve , Should’ve and Would’ve

Last weekend’s Round 14 of AFL Matches proved a season series defining ├é┬ámoment for many clubs . Many loyal fans have to face the uncomfortable truth that their beloved team…

Football Jumpers at the Beach

Last Sunday , at St Kilda foreshore , I spotted , in two seperate locations , two young men wearing their AFL Kangaroos football jumpers over the top of their…

AFL Footballers and Fetes

In my local area , on Saturday , two fetes were advertised, promising appearances by , AFL football teams .

Is the Footy Show still Relevant ?

Is the Footy Show still relevant to fans of AFL Football?


How recycling is very popular and is in use in the world of afl football players.