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Trade Week , The Draft , Gold Coast Suns and off season surgery

Monday, November 15th, 2010

The AFL publicity machine , has gone into overdrive , publishing articles on all of the above topics , in newspapers , TV and radio broadcasts .

Ben Cousins angst

Ben Cousins angst

Even the Melbourne Herald Sun , trotted out the tired old line on Ben Cousins , "I still think about drugs everyday  " , over the weekend .

VFL players being offered contracts with AFL Teams

VFL players being offered contracts with AFL Teams

It is almost  Summer , traditionally , the off season for football .

Rugby and cricket are in the news , with Australian teams playing in the UK , and at home in Australia .

The AFL , even in the off season , have managed to generate interest in footy .

A former Hawk , now a  new recruit to the Gold Coast Suns , has been employed , to write a column on his transition from a Hawk to a  Sun , and the difference in training regimes .

A list of the new young guns , the draft picks for 2011 , and the probable  team , they will be picked to play for  , has been published in the daily press .

Another article features VFL players who are to be offered AFL places . Finally an article on , Jack Riewoldt , of  the Richmond Tigers , and the Leagues 2010 leading goalkicker . His finger surgery , has been detailed , and it explains , it is to repair , a broken finger .

Footy fans , are keen to hear news of their teams , and readers are being treated to a feast of media exposure , compliments of a clever  marketing team at the AFL .

New recruits for the Demons

New recruits for the Demons

It would appear that ,  news of their teams , and football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys , are never far from the footy fans thoughts  .

Finals Fever

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Its finally here .

AFL Finals Football . Ardent fans are going to the Football Finals ,this weekend, wearing their teams football jumpers, jerseys, guernseys .

Those Football Clubs in the Finals ,their Players ,staff , and officials adopt a very business like approach in willing their team over the line to receive the highest accolade , a premiership.

Its the culmination, of a years hard mental grind, and physical work .

Which team, can hold their nerve , and overcome all opposition to win ?

Only time will tell.

Fans , wearing their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys ,will be out to watch,  and cheer, hoping it is their team who wins.

AFL teams , not playing in the Finals , will just have to content themselves with the frock fest , of the Brownlow medal count !

can the Saints avenge last years grand Final loss?

can the Saints avenge last years grand Final loss?

Can the Saints avenge last years grand Final defeat ?

Little Kids play in Football Jumpers

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

All around the country on cold , weekend mornings , young kids are playing  AFL football, in local competitions and clinics  .

Parents ,often nursing hangovers , or lack of sleep , watch on, whilst their youngsters play .

Each kid is usually kitted out,  in their AFLfootball jumper , jersey , guernsey .

All 16 AFL teams are represented .

Obviously , parochial favouritism of local teams occurs , but generally each player has a liking , family history , or reason,  for supporting their team, and wearing the jumper .

Many , wear the number of a favourite player , on their back .

A kaleidoscope of colours , teams , allegiances in football jumpers, on a local scale .

AFL Football , is alive and well at grass roots level , as well as on the bigger stage.

Nic Natinui 's Number 9 for West Coast Eagles

Nic Natinui 's Number 9 for West Coast Eagles

Football on a Monday ?

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Last night at Etihad Stadium , in Melbourne ,43,000 fans watched the dynamic Carlton Blues beat a lacklustre St Kilda Saints team.

In a bold marketing initiative ,the AFL has scheduled a Monday night game for the second year in a row.

It attracted an almost capacity crowd .

Fans were out in their jumpers , jerseys, guernseys.

Could this be the start of more Monday night Games ?

Two new AFL teams , Greater West Sydney and Gold Coast , are scheduled to join the competition in 2011.

The AFL has to find new ways to extend the fixture . A match played on a Monday night might be a viable option.

Betts and Blues

Betts and Blues

Saints need a goalkicker  to replace Riewoldt

Saints need a goalkicker to replace Riewoldt

Changing of the Mascots

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Both AFL teams , Adelaide Crows and Brisbane Lions have changed their mascot .

The Crows have adopted a new style crow . It is a stylised version of a crow and doesn't resemble the actual bird as much as the old mascot .

Brisbane Lions famously have departed from the old Fitzroy FC Lion mascot. They now use a Lion facsimile with a face printed on the Lion that looks out .

It bears little resemblance to the original Fitzroy Football Club Lion . This has angered and saddened many fans of the now defunct AFL Fitzroy FC.

Fans are generally not consulted about the mascot change .

Most accept the change and acknowledge that it is modern progress and still follow their beloved club.

Lots of fans like the old mascots .

It reminds them of clubs with a grand playing past and helps them relive memories of another era .

A slick , modern re-working of an old mascot cannot always claim the hearts and minds of fans .

Old style Crows Mascot

Old style Crows Mascot

Old style Lions Mascot

Old style Lions Mascot

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