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Saturday Arvo Fever , Football Jumpers , Melb Museum

Monday, October 25th, 2010

There is a display relating to suburban footy grounds , and supporters , in "The Melbourne Story " , exhibition at Melbourne Museum.

Old Style Saints Football Jumper

Old Style Saints Football Jumper

Relive old memories , reminisce with fellow fans , and show the kids where you went to watch footy .

These , Aussie Rules Footy Games , were played at the your local suburban grounds , to smaller crowds,  with uncomplicated expectations , apart from the hope that their team would win .

Fans walked , drove , rode a bike or caught the bus , to their local ground , which provided a central community hub , for the locals , and their team .

The local footy ground , provided a site of identity , and belonging, for supporters.

The " Saturday Arvo Fever ", section of the exhibition , might display a bygone era , but fans were still keen to watch their beloved football team , whilst wearing their  football jumper , jersey , guernsey.

Modern Lions Football Jumper

Modern Lions Football Jumper

Take  a look , at the Museum of Melbourne , Nicholson St , Carlton.

Export of Football Jumpers

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Fans of AFL Football, are located in many countries .

Its an International Game .

Footy followers  everywhere, love their football jumpers. jerseys , guernseys.

No longer, is the fan base, parochial , uniquely Australian , or state biased .

Fans in the UK , USA , Ireland , Germany and Canada, seek them out .

All covet them , wear them , buy them , and import them from Australia .

Ordering football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys , is easy via online shopping sites.

Paying for it is a simple procedure, and international post , ensures a rapid delivery .

Not only ex- patriate Australians, are the purchasers of the humble aussie rules footy jumper.

Why wouldn't others purchase this stylish piece of clothing ?

Another great innovative , iconic, Australian made export, to the international community .

Hawks Go World- Wide

Hawks Go World- Wide

Football Jumpers in the NGV

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Sidney Nolan ,the famous Australian painter has an iconic painting called the " Footballer " (1946) on display at the Ian Potter Centre of the NGV .

Painted whilst Nolan lived in St Kilda it is believed to be of 1940s St Kilda legend Keith Miller .

Nolan, who died in 1992 , is no longer able to confirm of deny this.

The attendance by Nolan at the footy and his choice of subject matter prove that footy appeals to many even the artistic intelligentsia .

Nolan's work is globally respected and highly valued . His Kelly series of paintings are legendary .

AFL football as depicted in this 1940's piece proves it was a popular spectator sport even then .

Have a look at this great painting and see the early aussie rules player in his striped jumper , jersey , guernsey .

Today' s Saints Jumper

Today' s Saints Jumper

The AFL Football

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Today's Age Newspaper features an academic engineer researching the aerodynamics of sports balls including the Australian Rules Football .

He claims soccer balls are more reliable .

A comparison is made between the new World Cup Soccer Ball and the humble Australian Rules Football.

Simplistically, the soccer ball flies more accurately but not as far .

The Aussie Rules Footy travels further because of its " shell " shape.

The laces , bladder and stitching make the air flow around the AFL football asymmetrical giving it an unpredictable or erratic flight.

Ask any disappointed fan on game day or disgruntled full foward of any afl team about the Footy and its unreliable path .

Sherrin make the AFL's footballs

Sherrin make the AFL's footballs

The AFL football has not changed its design in 40 years.

Fans and players alike will follow the Football whatever the shape or design of the ball.

Likewise they will wear their jumper , jersey, guernsey to the Game and will be loyal and vocal in their support.

Ross Faulkner Native Brand Vintage Football

Ross Faulkner Native Brand Vintage Football

Football Jumpers are worn Worldwide

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

There is a growing demand for afl football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys Worldwide.

Fans of the game around the globe are purchasing and wearing their football jumper , jersey ,guernsey .

Popular with sports fans everywhere purchases are made on-line and despatched quickly.

The buyer can have their jumper , jersey, guernsey within days.

The AFL has built a solid fan base around the world .

Each year they take teams to the UK and play matches against international competitors.

AFL players act as ambassadors for their sport by visiting strife torn locations .eg South Africa.

They promote the brand by dispensing goodwill , running footy clinics and distributing jumpers in these areas.

The jumper , jersey , guernsey is securing a place on the world stage .

Once a coveted item for ex-patriate Australians it is now fashionable with a multitude of sports fans.

Ease of purchase and superiority of design and manufacture make it much sought after.

The AFL promotion of Aussie Rules Football is very effective . The wearing of a football jumper jersey guernsey is growing in popularity world wide.

Geelong Retro Football Jumper

Geelong Retro Football Jumper

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