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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012


Welcome to Football Jumpers .com

Football jumpers, guernsey, jersey call them what you like, they are popular right now!

Why wear a Football Jumper?

Football Jumpers are topical

Football Jumpers are tribal

Football Jumpers establish friendship

Football Jumpers give identity

Football Jumpers give a sense of belonging and fun

Football Jumpers make you feel good

Football jumpers are affordable, revive memories, are a fashion item and attract and embrace all

OFFICIAL licensed products are NRL, AFL or other code represented and are endorsed .

It is worth buying the genuine article
They look good are the right colours style and fabric and often have sponsors logos
Money from sales goes back to the clubs and promotes sponsors important to passionate supporters a s a way of supporting club.
They look right,right colours, right logos, right team mascots
The size is right and they fit, wear and wash well
Football Jumpers mark the supporter as a passionate club person
Rule out poor imitations
Give funds back to clubs and allow development of league
Amateur teams also have league colours and can have sponsors logos sewn or printed on their Football Jumpers
Licensed Football Jumpers wash easily and retain shape colour and
Football Jumpers are part of Australia’s national identity

From the dawn of time Australians have played footy

The laconic cries of football fans young and old raised in unison every Saturday afternoon echo around every part ot the country .

The fans love the larrikin streak of being able to abuse the authorities in this case the much maligned umpires ( ya white maggot in true strine)

That other Game = Rugby World Cup

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

The 2011 Rugby World Cup Final , will be played  between New Zealand and France , on Sunday 23 rd October at 7.00pm , in NZ .

sherrin jumper

sherrin jumper

The Australian Team , the Wallabies , were soundly defeated by N Z team , the All Blacks in their semi final match .The Aussies played their last game of the Cup , to beat Wales , in the Third Place Play-Off.

NZ is a country where they love the sport of rugby union . The devotion of their fans to their national team , the All Blacks , makes the average AFL fan look half-hearted .

In the Grand Final , New Zealand takes on old foe , France . Having just returned from  France , I witnessed first hand how patriotically they supported their national team , whilst watching the ‘Ugby World Cup.

Saints in 2012

Saints in 2012

Being an Aussie , and AFL zealot , I will support the Kiwis , in their quest for the greatest prize of their competition . Sports Fans everywhere , will be watching , wearing their codes jumpers , jerseys , guernseys . Many , will be hoping the All Blacks are victorious , a feat , which appears, to be less elusive , than the St Kilda Saints winning an AFL Premiership.

Wallabies win 3rd place

Wallabies win 3rd place

Who took the Australia out of the AFL Football Jumper

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

As a purchaser of AFL football jumpers I have always noted they were made in Australia.

Historically Australian Made

Historically Australian Made

Recently , I purchased several AFL,  authentic , licensed football jumpers , printed with official sponsors , from a major sporting goods retail outlet . All were made in China . Two seperate manufacturers produced them . Neither company , were the three traditional manufacturers , who had always made them in Australia .

A disturbing trend . The price has been maintained making them an expensive item and the quality of manufacture displays less attention to detail.

The AFL prides itself on a national competition,  and promotes the Australianess of the brand ,yet it allows football jumpers , previously manufactured in Australia , to be made in China .

Another great Aussie icon , the humble footy jumper , bites the dust ?

Chinese made

Chinese made

Will AusKick be axed ?

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

It was announced on ABC radio,  today , 4th November 2010 , that ” VicSwim” ,  the school holiday , learn to swim program , may be axed.

Is this  wise ? considering that Australia is a  vast , island  continent  , surrounded on all sides by the sea . It is estimated that at least 18 % of young people cannot swim , and a further 25% of adults , also cannot swim .

It begs the question , ” Will AusKick be scrapped ? “

The popular,  afl football clinic , has become an entrenched  part , of the Saturday morning routine , for families , with children of a certain age . All go along to the match , wearing their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys , to learn how to play Aussie Rules .

AusKick a Saturday Morning Special

AusKick a Saturday Morning Special

Sydney and AFL Football

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

I have just spent a week in Sydney, where Rugby League, is the popular local sport .

The AFL, has announced that it issued a licence, to Sydney’s second AFL team , Greater West Sydney .

Kevin Sheedy , former AFL Richmond player and Essendon Coach is the man entrusted with the establishment and development of the new team. ”

“Sheeds” has played a major role in getting more indigenous players into the competition.

At the NSW Art Gallery, a display of black and white photographs , showed the La Perouse Rugby League, indigenous team.

Inspiring photos of a proud history .

Saturday , was AFL match day in Sydney , when the Swans played the Hawks. A party atmosphere was in the air, as the jovial fans dressed in their football jumpers , guernseys, jerseys , made their way through, Surry Hills clogged streets ,to the SCG .

None, seemed too concerned, about getting there , for the first bounce . Many would miss it .

Brave Hawks fans,  wearing their teams football jumpers, jerseys , guernseys, were mixed in amongst the crowd.

The Swans , were victorious and the young indigenous player, Lewis Jetta ,kicked his first goal since being drafted to the Swans team earlier this year.

An indigenous West Australian , playing AFL football , in the only Sydney team in the competition , on a saturday afternoon , at the SCG with 29.000 fans attending .

AFL Football, on a local , interstate, and global level is attracting fans and players everywhere .

Jetta is a West Australian

Jetta is a West Australian

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