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Tribunals and AFL Football

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010

AFL players , if charged by an umpire , for breaches of the playing code, are reported to the AFL tribunal. They are required to appear , and make a plea concerning the charges .Appeals for leniency can be heard , or fines imposed .

Not so in the Tour de France . Apparently two " scrawny hill climbers " to quote ABC , aussie sports journalist Jones , had a fracas at the end of a particularly difficult passage during the ride . Upon crossing the line , they dismounted , and fought vigorously for sometime, which included using WWE wrestling holds .

Their penalty for brawling, and bringing their sport and sportsmanship into disrepute ? A measly $400 .Small bickies indeed compared to the hefty suspensions and weighty fines handed out to infringers of the AFL code .

AFL supporters,  love a good stoush , too ,witness the Lions V Saints melee in last Saturdays Game.

Fans, who wear their teams jumpers, jerseys , guernseys, to the Game, are keen to witness action,  both on and off the field .

Saints in Melee on Saturday

Saints in Melee on Saturday

On and Off Field Banter

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

AFL Football, is a passionate game .

Just ask the Players, Coaches , Support Staff and Fans .

It can unite and divide. Family loyalties ,can even be tested, and friendship bonds breached.

At the conclusion of the match , after a great physical and mental contest ,there is usually only one winner , unless , extraordinary circumstances , deliver a rare draw.

Sometimes passions ignite ,and friendly banter , can turn ugly and vicious , both on and off the field.

Witness , Friday night's fiery clash , between St Kilda defender Steven Baker,  and Geelong forward Steve Johnson. Baker , finished the night with stitches in a blackened and cut eye,  arguably delivered, by Johnson's elbow to it .

Both are competitive , hard players , both niggle each other, on and off the field . It is their accepted ,style of play.

Fans enjoy the spectacle , many , attended the game in absymal weather conditions, in their football jumpers, jerseys, guernseys.

Fans don't want to see, on field spats , carried on after the Game .

Leave it on the field , don't turn it into a media circus , following the Match .

Another annoying , even predatory feature of Friday's game, was the reaction of Geelong players , to the umpires decisions.

Significantly, the losing side's players , argued vociferously with every decision.

Its a very unattractive feature of the modern game, which intimidates umpires,  and draws their attention away , from the game being played. Surely , the umpires decision is sacrosanct, and the AFL tribunal , is there to uphold any breaches,  of fair play .

A loser should accept the ump's decision, and be gracious in defeat. It's an inspirational feature,  of our great game .

Don't make fans regret , wearing their jumper , jersey, guernsey .

Saints jumper , jersey , guernsey

Saints jumper , jersey , guernsey

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