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Retro Football Jumpers

Monday, May 12th, 2014

AFL Retro Football Jumpers

Roo Vintage Jumper

Roo Vintage Jumper

are making a comeback . Collingwood Football Club have released a range of retro football guernseys , sporting the old blue and white VFL logo patch , and peak collar . Whilst they are not a departure from their traditional black and white iconic strip , the retro jumper , was touted as a possible mothers day gift . CFC keen to make a buck have appealed to fans to purchase one for Mum . Apparently these were the jumpers the Mums saw on the footy fields , before they became Mums !

power retro

power retro

Melbourne FC played the Western Bulldogs on Sunday in their traditional navy blue football guernsey , but the red yoke and trims , were replaced with bright pink and printed with lighter pink figures of women, to raise awareness of breast cancer .

magpies jumper

magpies jumper

Some teams had a bye at the weekend , others played , and the Swans beat the Hawks in Sydney , proving the Hawks aren't unbeatable .An extended round of matches has been played out , commencing on friday and finishing on monday night when the Saints play the Blues . Both teams are desperate for a win , being in 13th and 15th spot respectively , on the ladder and could be described as evenly matched . They have shared a great rivalry over the years , and this game promises some jumper tearing action for fans .



Themed Footy Jumpers

Friday, May 9th, 2014

The Saints went to Wellington to play footy , and wore Maori themed Football Jumpers . Last weekend , the Blues played in heritage styled AFL Football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys . On Sunday ,  pre the Bulldogs , Demons , clash a field of supporters wearing pink ponchos , will form the pink lady on the MCG , to raise awareness of breast cancer .

Dees Jumper

Dees Jumper


Baby Blue Guenrsey

Baby Blue Guernsey

Whilst the Saints and Blues both lost their matches , while wearing a non - traditional football guernsey , the pink initiative is a positive initiative . In previous years,  Melbourne FC , had played in pink themed football jumpers . On Sunday they will be happy to have Jack Viney , back in their team , after his contentious suspension , for rough play , was withdrawn .


The changing colour of an AFL Football Jumper

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

The humble AFL Football Jumper is no more . Packaged in aerodynamic fabric , now the traditional colours have changed . Carlton, won in the baby blue again last night , and the Tigers replacement of their traditional sash , with a dreamtime painting last weekend , has made the jumpers a highly sought after item .

Blues Clash no more ?

Blues Clash no more ?

Melbourne Demons , are yet to replicate their hot pink strip , of a few years ago, which they  wore as a Breast Cancer fundraiser , but it appears the skys the limit as to who adopts what strip when .

Nicky Winmar's Jumper ?

Nicky Winmar's Jumper ?

Collingwood , are sticking doggedly to their black and white though. Ironic really , as Nicky Winnar , great indigenous Sainter , lifted his footy jumper,  to show his black skin , in the last game the Magpies played against the Saints , at Victoria Park.

Confusion of the Pink Jumper

Monday, May 10th, 2010

On Friday night the Melbourne Demons wore a pink yoke on their jumper instead of the traditional red .They also wore pink socks to promote Breast Cancer Network Australia.

The field umpires also wore a pink top and dark blue shorts to show their support.

Melbourne player Clint Bartram handballed to an umpire believing he was passing the ball to a teammate.

Poor visibility and similarity of dress created confusion.

Did it cost Melbourne the Game in a tight finish.?

Fans wore their jumper , jersey , guernsey to the Match .

The pink jumpers , jerseys , guernseys will be auctioned as a fundraiser for the BreastCancer Cause .

Over time they will become collectibles.

Demons Traditional jumper , jersey , guernsey

Demons Traditional jumper , jersey , guernsey

Colourful Football Jumpers

Friday, May 7th, 2010

AFL Clubs do not always wear their traditional colours .

Sometimes they might wear a different coloured jumper to mark a special occasion.

Some might do it just for the money.

Several years ago Carlton Blues wore a yellow jumper to launch the new M & M ( mars lolly)amid much fanfare and as a unique advertising ploy.

It generated a lot of interest and gave the club revenue. Those jumpers , jerseys , guernseys are highly sought today by fans and collectors alike.

Spotted recently at Goschs Paddock in inner Melbourne were Collingwood Magpies training in a light blue football jumper jersey guernsey .

The Brisbane Lions have been known to wear red . ( Perhaps as a reaction to seeing red at some of Fevola's antics!)

Sighted last week at a major sporting goods oultet were St Kilda Saints jumpers jerseys guernseys in lime green and fluoro pink .The tag said training jumper .

Perhaps teams will adopt these specially coloured jumpers again .

Tonights match at the MCG between Western Bulldogs and Melbourne Demons is a pink fundraiser for breast cancer research .

Next year will we see Barry Hall in pink !

Traditional Western Bulldogs Jumper

Traditional Western Bulldogs Jumper

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