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Change and Respect in the AFL

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

” Respect ” , (wikipedi encyclopedia) , is a positive feeling of esteem for a person .” Change ” , (wikipedi encyclopedia) is the process of becoming different.

VFL and Women

VFL and Women

Neither respect nor change has been evident , at  the AFL , recently.

Inappropriate dealings with women , by AFL players ,  club  staff , and managers , have been exposed .

Is the AFL to continue to pay lip service to their much publicised , but seemingly not applied , ” Respect and Responsibility program ” ?

Less than 10,000 spectators watched the St Kilda Vs Geelong , NAB Cup Game at the weekend . A poor crowd , considering the success of both teams in recent years . Families and women appear to be  staying away from Games . Will this fall in attendance ,  make the AFL change , to respect women ?

Vintage Football Jumpers

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Vintage AFL Football Jumpers are a piece of living history . They are a knitted piece of nostalgia , reminding fans of  their first football jumper or their first footy game , played at their clubs old home ground , largely no longer in use .

Sure the newer , slicker models are ergonomically designed , and are rated as a superior product , but nothing beats the scratchy wool / acrylic feel , of the old model . The style of the jumper and the sponsors logos date it . They place it back in time , when footy was for saturday afternoon entertainment , and you could walk to your local ground , and buy a ticket at the gate . You stood if it was a big crowd , often atop the  slab of beer cans , that had been carried into the ground by your mates .

Vintage Football jumpers evoke a wave of nostalgia , and are still looking good . Generally they are smaller in size than the current models  but they are much bigger in reputation.

old style hawks

old style hawks

AFL Footballers and Fetes

Sunday, November 21st, 2010

In my local area , on Saturday , two fetes were advertised, promising appearances by , AFL football teams .

Richmond Football Club , were promised to appear at the Very Special Kids, fundraiser in Malvern .

Melbourne Football Club ,  attended  the Elsternwick Primary school fete , in Brighton , on the same day .

Spotted in the crowd at Malvern , was a little boy , wearing his Richmond Clash colours , football jumper , jersey , guernsey . Peering through the crowd  , he appeared  to be anxiously awaiting the arrival of his favourite player . Likewise at Brighton ,  several young fans  , wearing Melbourne colours , were spotted , milling in the crowd .

Must be the end of year  , fete  season ,where schools and organisations , are hoping to fill their coffers  , and raise additional funds  by holding these fundraisers .

Baby Dees in the Crowd

Baby Dees in the Crowd

Lets hope the little tiger in Malvern,  got to see his heroes .

Grand Final Parade

Friday, September 24th, 2010

The AFL,  Grand Final Parade, is on today, the 24th September ,  in the Melbourne CBD.

Two football teams , St Kilda Saints , and Collingwood Magpies , players and coach , will wave to the expected crowd of 50,000 fans from the back of utes

It starts outside the Arts Centre at 12.00pm , proceeds down swanston st, into collins st , and up the hill to the old treasury building . Here , captains of both teams , shake hands, and the Premiership Cup is unveiled .

Melbourne weather , is finally producing a 20 degrees day ,the first since May.

Fans , watching , will be wearing their teams football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys.

Saints Supporter Gear

Saints Supporter Gear

Saturday Afternoon Football

Friday, July 16th, 2010

With an expanded AFL competition, and inclusion of interstate teams, a big venue, Saturday afternoon ,Football Game, in Melbourne , is rare.

Will Collingwood Win?

Will Collingwood Win?

Such a blockbuster, is planned for this Saturday afternoon, at Melbourne ‘s MCG . The match promises much . Its scheduled at the traditional time slot of 2.10pm , and combined with the large seating capacity of the Ground , a bumper crowd of 75,000 fans , are expected .

Tenacious Collingwood, take on flag hopefuls , St Kilda . It promises riveting entertainment, and thousands of fans will be out in their team’s jumpers , jerseys , guernseys .

Bring it on.

Will Saints Win ?

Will Saints Win ?

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