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Vics still Legends

Monday, July 11th, 2011

The annual Legends Game , was played last Tuesday night at Etihad Stadium . The Big V , who were gamely captained by ' Kouta ' , retired Carlton superstar , and shambolically coached by Sam Newman , ex - Geelong Ruckman , snatched victory from the jaws of defeat .

The Vics train on this

The Vics train on this

25,000 fans , were treated to a night of on and off field entertainment , when the greats pulled on the boots , and thundered onto Etihad Stadium.

Rocca, kicked the Sherrin out of the Ground , Martyn's defence was watertight, and Straunchie scrounged the packs .The AllStars , who are the show pony's of the competition , razzled , dazzled , and tried to steal the game with goal sneak Fitzy's , kick after the siren .

The mighty Vics remained staunch , and proved again , when push comes to shove they've still got what it takes . Sure , bigger size footy jumpers were worn,  and the footy shorts waistbands have expanded , plus there is an explosion of bald heads on the ground , but Victoria proved why it's still the birthplace , and spiritual home of AFL Footy.

It was a win all round , as fans wearing their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys , enjoyed the spectacle , and gave funds to the EJ Whitten Foundation, who support people with cancer. Ted, wouldv'e been thrilled as the Vics , managed to "Stick it up 'em".

Vics have still got it

Vics have still got it

Weekend Football

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Beat the Friday the 13th blues, by attending tonight's  blockbuster at the MCG ,between Essendon and Collingwood.

Traditional rivals , Esssendon is playing with nothing to lose , as it takes a tilt at the finals ,whilst Collingwood are in top spot , and look strong contenders ,to take out the 2010 premiership flag.

Four Saturday Games , two in Melbourne , at the MCG and Etihad Stadium ,and two interstate , one in WA , and one in SA ensure a wide coverage for fans .

The round concludes with three Sunday games , one at each of the Melbourne venues , and one in Brisbane .

All games of the 20 th round of matches , will provide fans attending or watching in their football jumpers ,jerseys, guernseys , with a feast of entertainment .

will Collingwood win ?

will Collingwood win ?

Local Football Grounds

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Games were once played at smaller inner suburban grounds .

Collingwood , played at Victoria Park , Carlton ,at Princes Park , and  South Melbourne at Lakeside Oval.  North Melbourne played at Arden St , and Fitzroy , at Brunswick St Oval .Windy Hill was home to Essendon and the Punt Rd Oval housed Richmond , with Hawthorn at home in Glenferrie Oval ( the " sardine can ") .

Fans often walked , rode a bike or caught the tram / train, short distances , to these matches in their football jumpers, jerseys , guernseys.

Big crowds and big money have made these grounds obsolete.

Victoria Park languishes but was recently used as a prop for a TV series .
Princes Park has been redeveloped as a training facility for the Blues and is also home to a merchandise shop and office .

The Fitzroy Oval hosts VAFA local football , with a team that plays in the traditional,Fitzroy strip.Windy Hill is Essendon's, admin , training and spiritual home , as is the Punt Rd Oval for the Tigers.

Arden St, is the training and admin base for the Kangaroos,  and Lakeside Oval is a reception centre and home to local soccer side . Glenferrie Oval, is open public space .

The AFL"S , 70's white elephant , Waverley Park , is now home to residential housing , the notorious carpark buried under townhouses.

Big stadiums like Etihad at the Docklands and Melbourne's iconic MCG are home to weekend AFL Clashes.

Fans go in their thousands wearing their football jumpers, jerseys , guernseys to watch their beloved teams play on the big stage.

Vintage Jumper worn to the " Sardine Can " matches

Vintage Jumper worn to the " Sardine Can " matches

Thursday Night Football

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

The AFL,  have scheduled a football match , for this Thursday night .

The Carlton Blues , play the Brisbane Lions , in  Etihad Stadium ,  at 7.10pm .

Local popular side  Carlton , play rival interstate side , Brisbane.

Another clever marketing innovation , by the AFL , to get fans at games , mid week?

Will fans turn out on thursday night, in their  , jumpers , jerseys , guernseys , to watch the Game?

Interestingly , of the 8 games in this round  , 3 home games are to be played at Etihad Stadium , compared to only 2 , to be played at the MCG.

Lions on a Thursday ?

Lions on a Thursday ?

Dodgy surface at Etihad Stadium ?

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Shaun Higgins , a rising Bulldog star , rolled his ankle on Etihad stadium's surface on Sunday afternoon .

AFL team the Western Bulldogs , one of five tenants of the ground will lodge their third complaint with the Stadium management. They believe Higgins was injured  because of the soft surface of the Ground .
The AFL Players' Association is investigating the circumstances of Higgins' injury.

A Collingwood player from Sunday,s Game , Dale Thomas ,described the surface as tacky and shifting in spots.
The Bulldogs will send an official written complaint for the AFL.

Ultimately, the Dogs are seeking action as well as an explanation.

Nick Riewoldt , Saints skipper , hurt himself earlier in the year amid claims of an unstable surface at Etihad Stadium

Fans want to wear their jumper , jersey , guernsey to the Game and see their team and its stars play well.

What action will be taken ?

Will Lions fall at Etihad ?

Will Lions fall at Etihad ?

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