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Richmond’s Win 2017 Premiership

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

AFL Football team Richmond Tigers are jubilant after winning the 2017 Premiership. Capping off a massive week of achievements the Tigers won the 2017 Premiership flag. Tigers player Dustin Martin, won the Norm Smith medal for best on ground. Taking the winners dais after the AFL Grand Final, Tigers Coach Damien Hardwick was gracious in victory congratulating their  defeated Adelaide Crows opponents. Many had expected a Crows victory but the Tigers, possibly buoyed by Martin's Brownlow win had risen to the challenge and pulled of a miraculous victory for its loyal fans. Young  Aus Kick footballers,wearing their Tigers football jumpers, jerseys, guernseys, handed the victors their premiership medals with endearing comments to their heroes such as "great game" and "your'e the best" .



Partying and celebrations continued all night and into the small hours of the morning around the MCG, next door at the Richmond Oval and across the surrounding suburb of Richmond and neighbouring Cremorne.


Aus Kick Kids Jumper

Aus Kick Kids Jumper

It is a much feted victory, a long time in the making, as its been thirty seven years since the Tigers last Premiership. A fairytale win, akin to the Western Bulldogs 2016 great victory over the marauding Sydney Swans. A repeating tale of underdog Victorian team wins against much favoured Interstate rival.

The crows gallant in defeat will return to  Adelaide minus the holy grail, the 2017 Premiership Cup, as this year it remains firmly entrenched in the local Victorian hands.

Crows vintage kids jumper

Crows vintage kids jumper

Some fans will put away the much loved football jumper, jersey, guernsey. Others will continue to wear theirs proudly for the weeks and days to come. The MCG was packed to capacity, emotions ran high, and the roar of thrilled spectators went out amidst a vista of yellow and black, or red yellow and blue football jumpers, jerseys, guernseys.

Grand Final Football Jumpers

Monday, September 25th, 2017

It is the pinnacle of the AFL Football Season . Richmond Tigers fans are spending an anxious week awaiting their beloved teams appearance in the 2017 AFL Football Grand Final on Saturday the 30th of September. It has come down to that last day in September when two battle scarred and weary combatants slog it out for the final glory of taking home the AFL premiership Cup.


Geelong put up a valiant fight in Adelaide against the all conquering Adelaide Crows in the preliminary final . . The staunch Cats fought the mighty Crows in front of an Adelaide home town crowd but succumbed to the strength and pressure of the conquering Crows. Richmond annihilated Greater Western Sydney at the MCG in the Saturday afternoon preliminary final. Tigers fans let the roar go during most of the match many wearing their AFL Football jumpers, jerseys, guernseys. 

TAC Sponsor Jumper

TAC Sponsor Jumper


Footscray aka as the Western Bulldogs secured a Grand Final win against all the odds in season 2016 beating the Sydney Swans breaking a 62 year drought. Now its Richmond's turn. Can they pull off the fairytale win after a 37 year drought between flags and a 35 year wait for a Grand Final appearance for the much loved local Victorian team. Passions are running high. There has already been dispute over home town guernsey strips.  So there is no clash between the yellow strip on both teams jumpers the Crows wear their home strip and Richmond their away or clash football jumper , jersey , guernsey . For Richmond this means a yellow jumper with black sash which has made many Tigers fans irate. As founding members of the AFL Competition many believe they should wear their traditional strip and the Crows their away one.



Football Jumpers, Jerseys, Guernseys evoke passion, loyalty and love. Being stripped of their preferred jumper in this Saturday's big game may be just enough incentive for the tigers to push themselves across the line at the final siren and bring a much lauded victory home for their supporters.

The Victorians taking on the South Australians is another contentious battle and passions will be running high whoever you support. Fans everywhere will be dusting off their football jumpers, jerseys, guernseys

tigers vintage jumper

tigers vintage jumper

and getting along to the game, a bbq, their local pub or friends house to watch a much anticipated game.


Friday, July 18th, 2014

Its round 18 , in the AFL 2014 Home and Away Season . By now , beleaguered fans will know if their club will be in the Finals . Many have endured a season of winter chills , highlights , and disappointments . It is at this stage of the season that retirements are announced , players struggle to find form to retain their place in the team , and coaches are under pressure to deliver a finals appearance .

Vintage Tigers Footy Jumper

Vintage Tigers Footy Jumper


The ever evolving , football jumper , jersey , guernsey has changed too . What was once a humble piece of apparel , used to brand and identify players and supporters alike ,it has morphed into a slick , aerodynamic ,piece with colourful , graphic designs , and sponsors logos sublimated on them .


Hawks footy Jumper

Hawks footy jumper

Indigenous Round Football Guernseys

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

The upcoming round 11 , of the AFL Home and Away Matches , is the Indigenous , " Dreamtime " , Round .



Clubs are producing specially themed football jumpers  , to celebrate the huge indigenous contribution to AFL  Football .

Striking , decorative , a feast of aboriginal mark makers , these unique football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys , will be worn with pride by all players . They can be purchased from clubs now , and are destined to become collectors items . Its a novel concept , the wearing of art adorned footy jumpers .


Tommy Hafey , inspirational AFL Footy Legend ,was buried earlier in the week , in a moving ceremony at the MCG , surrounded by his beloved Richmond Football Team .

Footy Jumpers get a name

Saturday, April 19th, 2014
Cats Vintage Football Jumper

Cats Vintage Football Jumper

This Easter weekend , the AFL are trailing players names , on the backs of football jumpers ,jerseys , guernseys.


According to reports , from the games already played , this could be problematic . Some commentators have said the size of the name is too small. Further , those with long surnames eg Lewis Roberts Thompson , Sydney Swans legend , have had it abbreviated to LRS , making it largely unintelligible to all , but the most ardent of fans . Those with a three letter surname eg Farren Ray , St Kilda player , possess a name made for the back of an AFL Football Jumper , Jersey , Guernsey .




Whilst it makes for easier identification , will fans be  impressed ? How many will trade their much loved , but nameless footy jumpers , jerseys , guerneys , in for named ones . What if their fave player is sidelined for a season due to injury , or worse gets dropped for poor form ! Will it label the wearer as a loser ? Can fans be outed , as wearing an out of date guernsey  , when their player retires ! Will nicknames be used ? Many are more relevant to the player than his birth name ? What of vintage and retro footy jumpers ? nameless , but from an era of colloquial names eg: Captain Blood , the Galloping Gasometer or the Chimp !

Certainly in other sports , EPL comes to mind , the naming of players on their footy jumper , jersey , guernsey , has been overwhelmingly successful .Are the AFL slow to follow suit , or are they just being more pragmatic in the ever evolving game of AFL Footy ? Will fans purchasing power decide ?

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