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Business End of the Season

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Two AFL coaches have been sacked , injured players are being hastily rehabilitated,  and fans are being encouraged to buy three games season passes to see their teams in action , prior to the Finals .

Collingwood , are the favourites for flag 2012 , Cats ,  Hawks and Blues worthy challengers , with the  Saints making a late run . The WCE , in a miraculous recovery went from Wooden Spooners last year,  to serious contenders in Season 2011  . The Bulldogs , Bombers , Demons , Kangaroos , Swans and Dockers need to keep winning , and the Tigers , Suns , Lions  , Power and Crows appear to be out  of the Race.

Western Invaders

Western Invaders

It is definitely the business  end of the Season as teams scramble for places in the Final Eight . Coaches are being held accountable for their teams poor performances , witness the exit of Dean Bailey , and Neil Craig before the Seasons end .

Lions good record in Finals

Lions good record in Finals

Footy Fans, thrilled by the recent action on the field , and  bemused by the off field manoeuvrings , are hopeful that their team can win a finals berth , and are  showing their support  by  wearing their teams football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys.

AFL Football Players and the Media

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Most AFL football players,  enjoy a harmonious relationship,with the media.

Games are reported on , players injuries detailed, and the highs , and lows of a players career , all make good copy .

The supporters insatiable appetite, for all things related to their sport, is quenched on a daily basis, by these media reports.

Continual scrutiny , and reporting by the media, helps fuel interest , and provide accurate information .

Its hard to know when this coverage crosses the line , and becomes invasive for players and their families.

Fans , love to hear about their team, and it's players. Dredging up past misdemeanours , and constantly giving it media coverage, may be detrimental to them , and place the game in a poor light.

Supporters love the game ,their club ,and its players .They will go to watch in their football jumpers, jerseys, guernseys ,when they can . Many enjoy the live televising and replay of afl clashes.

Other issues will be dealt with fairly by the appropriate authorities.

Fans just want to have fun .

St Kilda Player under media scrutiny

St Kilda Player under media scrutiny

Football Players Retire

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Four long term AFL players have announced their retirement this week . Brett Kirk of Sydney and Simon Goodwin of Adelaide Crows will retire at the end of the 2010 AFL season.

Tyson Edwards of the Adelaide Crows has retired effective immediately and Troy Simmonds,Richmond Tigers will play his farewell Game this Friday night .

All brilliant athletes and faithful servants of their clubs who have entertained fans for many years.

Each has worn his team colours , jumper , jersey, guernsey with pride .

Fans all around the country will turn out to cheer these inspirational men and to witness them take their one last kick of the Sherrin on a public stage.

Who will adopt their numbers on the back of their jumpers, jerseys , guernseys for 2011 Season ?

Kirk's look alike Jumper

Kirk's look alike Jumper

Play Football

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Another scandal has erupted around Brendan Fevola . Media and TV reports have revealed he has admitted to having a gambling habit causing great financial loss.

This comes a few days after the Richmond Football Club were involved in a drunken fracas in Sydney . Several Richmond football players , including Ben Cousins ,have been suspended by their club for varying lengths of time.All were fined .

Whilst these exploits make good tabloid headlines are they detracting from the reputation of the game and its enjoyment by fans ?

Players wear their jumper, jersey , guernsey with pride . They play football for an AFL team and are paid well for their effort . Elite athletes who set an example for young people and encourage all to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, participate in a team sport and get regular exercise .

Does anybody really care how much wealth is squandered in gambling venues by AFL players .

How many stories can we entertain about mid season drinking binges?

Players wear their jumper , jersey , guernsey and play to the best of their ability .

All the other hype surrounding players behaviour can stay behind the scenes.

Let the viewing public enjoy the spectacle of the game .

tiger cub

tiger cub

devil in disguise?

devil in disguise?

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