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Weddings and Holidays

Monday, January 4th, 2016

Summer is the off season for the AFL. Many players are taking advantage of the long summer break to get married.  Gary Ablett Jnr and Patrick Dangerfield both wed on 1 January 2016, celebrating New Years Day nuptials. Liam Picken wed on New Years Eve, 2015. When the AFL Season ends players often enjoy an extended overseas holiday, or take the opportunity to play in the  International Rules Series in Ireland.

saints vinttage jumper

Vintage Saints Jumper

It is a time of retirements, re-signings and trades, rejuvenated training schedules, and team development. AFL Footy players usually enjoy some private time away from  public  scrutiny and media exposure.


tigers vintage jumper

tigers vintage jumper


Fans may turn their attention to cricket . Football Jumpers, jerseys, guernseys are rarely retired though. The sleeveless version can and will be worn throughout summer. New sponsors are signed but the team colours don't change, except in the recent case of Essendon Bombers who dropped the grey from their clash football guernsey, jersey, jumper.


Bombers Football Jumper

Bombers Football Jumper

Vintage jumpers remain a constant and are feted by loyal fans all year long. Historically interesting they remain a regular feature to the proud owners collection.


Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Guernsey, a British term used to describe fishing attire, designed to keep the cold and wet out whilst fishermen ply their trade. The secret to the weaving was the hard twist given to the natural wool fibres in an effort to repel sea spray, maintain warmth, and provide a comfortable yet long wearing garment suitable for a hard life of toil at sea in damp conditions.

Vintage Tigers Footy Jumper

Vintage Tigers Footy Jumper

proud 150th anniversary jumper

Proud Demons 150th anniversary Guernsey

The modern AFL footy guernsey is vastly different, and provides a hard wearing, long living protection of another type. Todays version is often manufactured in China from durable, synthetic, polyester fabric. The most popular style is sleeveless and is fashioned in vivid team colours sporting sponsors logos, players names and numbers. It is fashioned to resist moisture, of the sweat variety, brought on by players on field exertions. Its ability to resist spray may be called into validity when the player is receiving some helpful advice from the coach or some side line barracking from ardent fans.

Dead Set Legend

Friday, July 3rd, 2015
Hawks Footy Jumper

Hawks Footy Jumper

We are midway through the 2015 AFL Season.Games have been won and lost, coaches have been sacked, players have been injured, outed, suspended and retired, and AFL has been a constant feature of the media headlines.

Dees Jumper

Dees Jumper

Fans have been treated to a round of home and away games unrivalled in excitement, skill and action. Loyalties are tested, disappointments borne, and passions ignited. Many games are

Bombers Football Jumper

Bombers Football Jumper

closely contested, others not so much so. A diverse cluster of teams are clinging to top spot, embracing the middle rungs, or languishing on the bottom of the AFL ladder.


A constant through all this, balanced precariously on the slippery slope of your teams performance remains the humble footy jumper, jersey, guernsey. This singular piece of clothing is able to galvanise fans, direct loyalty and rouse the most placid of fans to a a fever pitch of excitement, when revealed on game day. Such an iconic part of the Aussie psyche, the humble footy jumper is worn, not only on match day,but all year round.Cats Vintage Football Jumper

Cats Vintage Football Jumper

It goes to the beach, the bbq, the school fundraiser, the pub and the footy. Its distinctive colours invite interest from even the most passive of spectators . The AFL footy jumper, jersey, guernsey , its a dead set legend.

saints strife

saints strife

Footy Jumper’s Coming Out

Monday, March 25th, 2013

It's time. And no , I'm not resurrecting the famous ALP political jingle . Those two simple words ignite jubiliation in the hearts of footy fans , and strike dread into those who are not .

Footy's Back . Its been a glorious summer hiatus but with autumn fast approaching , and winter beckoning , AFL Football is back on the agenda.



Baby Blue Guenrsey

Baby Blue Guernsey

Whether your jumper of choice is the upmarket , slinky polyester newbie guernsey , or the old faithful , vintage woollen footy jumper , its time for its coming out .

Packed lovingly away in drawers , tucked in the back of the closet , or arrayed in pride of place on the wall , let it out to play .

The NAB Cup is done and dusted , for the many footy fans and purists who regard this as an inferior precursor to the real nail biting action of the AFL Football Fixture .



Saints retro jumper

Saints retro jumper

Excited fans have bought their team memberships , once again swearing allegiance to their club , could this be the year for their beloved team . Changes in their teams are noted . Loyalty . love and loss is again resurrected as hopes are raised and dashed . The humble footy jumper is again in the thick of the action . revered by many , hated by few and trying to be loved by all .

Collingwood Football Jumper , Jersey , Guernsey goes to China

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

The Collingwood Football Club , have announced they will be taking their football jumper , jersey , Guernsey production , to  China in season 2013 . Shorts and socks will also be made offshore , in a deal which will give the club a share of all merchandise revenue . The AFL have approved the deal , which will reap big financial rewards to the Collingwood Football Club . Will the other seventeen AFL clubs ,  follow Collingwood ' s lead ?

collingwood magpies baby jumper leaving Australia

collingwood magpies baby jumper leaving Australia

collingwood magpies baby jumper
collingwood magpies baby jumper

The humble football jumper , jersey , guernsey will get a work out this weekend with four days of AFL Football action .

Games are scheduled for Friday , Saturday , Sunday and Monday ,ensuring fans and their jumpers get a saturation of AFL football action .

Will the Chinese made , football jumper , jersey , guernsey , be able to withstand the pressure of being worn four days in a row , like the current Adidas Australian made football jumper ? Ultimately , will all iconic Aussie cultural , footy jumpers , be made in China ?


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