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AFL Football Jumpers, Jerseys, Guernseys are Multi Seasonal

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

Summer is here. No need to pack up your  favourite AFL Football jumpers, jerseys, guernseys. The current modern style of football jumper, jersey, guernsey is able to be worn year round  for several reasons . Each is constructed from modern synthetic fabric that is designed to cope with sweaty bodies, is air chilled, and fast drying.

Lions Sleeveless Guernsey

Lions Sleeveless Guernsey

A streamlined model of construction means they are more closely fitted to your body shape, assisting ease of wearing, and accessibility of movement . The popular sleeveless style is able to be worn in the warmer months regardless of high temperatures. Conversely it is able to be worn over other jumpers or thicker clothing in cooler months.


GWS Giants Guernsey

GWS Giants Guernsey

Are GWS the Sleeping Giants of AFL Football ?

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

GWS , the new team to join the AFL in 2012 , will be a strong competitor in the 2012 Home and Away Season .

Power Premiers Jumper

Power Premiers Jumper

Premiership Bombers Jumper

Premiership Bombers Jumper

Although recycled coaches are currently out of fashion , the head and assistant coach of GWS , Kevin Sheedy and Mark Williams respectively , offer much . Both are experienced ex- players , are winning Premiership coaches , have been keen recruiters of new talent , and are shrewd businessmen . Combine these attributes with those of Stephen Silvangi , arguably one of the best defenders to pull on a guernsey , and they represent a formidable brains trust .

Is it a coincidence or a clever marketing ploy that the GWS Giants are wearing the orange black and white colours of their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys ? These colours are the same as those of the other team from the West of Sydney , the NRL Wests Tigers side , who already have a strong fan base in the region .

sheedy's old jumper

sheedy's old jsheedy's old jumper

Fans wearing their new GWS Football Jumpers , Jerseys , Guernseys , are clamouring for an action packed year supporting their new team the Greater Western Sydney Giants in 2012 .

Silvangi wore long sleeves for carlton

Silvangi wore long sleeves for carlton

Football Jumpers in October ?

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Why not ?

We have just witnessed an historic , AFL Grand Final , in October .

The first ever , and it certainly won't be the last, as more teams , join the competition .

A Gold Coast Suns team, starts in 2011 , and GWS begin in 2012 .

This will necessitate , in the playing season , being lengthened .

It is Spring in the Southern Hemisphere , and daylight saving has begun , in many of the Australian states , and Territories.

Spring typifies warm days , and balmy nights , with more daylight , and sunshine , to  shine on us,   mere mortals .

With this  lightening of our souls , in the face of glorious weather,  will we pack away our much loved , football jumper , jersey , guernsey ?

A resounding no .

No need . The fabric of modern football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys, is such that it breathes with you , absorbs sweat , is lightweight , highly portable ,and is aerodynamically designed , to mould to the body, like a second skin, making it supremely comfortable.

Wear your football jumper , jersey , guernsey now .

We don't care that its October .

Let get in early for next Season , and prepare for success .

Lions Rare Red Jumper

Lions Rare Red Jumper

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