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Sponsors on Football Guernseys, Jerseys, Jumpers

Sunday, December 10th, 2017
Dees Jumper

Melbourne Demons Jumper

An AFL or NRL Football Jumper,Jersey, Guernsey, can be dated from the sponsors logo. Keen fans will know the age of the Jumper,Jersey, Guernsey by the logo patch.

State of Origin Jersey

State of Origin Jersey


Fans are happy to wear their Jumper,Jersey, Guernsey to home and away matches despite the current signage.


AFL North Melbourne Kangaroos

AFL North Melbourne Kangaroos

Especially prized are those Jumpers,Jerseys, Guernseys sporting older team logos, which advertises their obvious   vintage or retro connections.

Every Footy Jumper tells a Story

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Every Footy Jumper has a story to tell .

Footy Jumpers are Memories

Footy Jumpers are Memories


Stories like , it was Uncle Berts which he wore during the tussle for the 1939 premiers flag . This old woollen jumper , has been in the family since the 20's , and has been passed down to the oldest boy in the family ever since . My second cousin , twice removed , bought this for me at Ball and Welch Emporium in Swan st , Richmond , in the 60's . See this dark mark , Royce Hart  bled on it  . A damp patch where Ben Cousins cried . More poignantly , a Fitzroy jumper was used to bind the Kelpie dog's leg , after he was run over in busy st georges rd , and  had to be rushed to the Lort Smith animal Hospital . We found this Saints jumper in the bottom of my grandfathers wardrobe , its a beaut vintage number , free of moth holes . Bruce Doull played in this , I'm sure John Coleman had one like this and Paul Roos led the last Fitzroy team in this .

Most recently the jumpers stories run along the lines off , see this signature , its Buckley 's on the day he retired . This is the Bombers guernsey that Hirdy touched as he ran off the field when we beat Collingwood , ten  Anzac Day Games ago  . This colourful jersey is the one depicting the Dreamtime theme of the AFL indigenous round . A jumper has the special Grand Final Logo , or the commemorative insignia worn to celebrate the Melbourne Football Clubs 150 years of playing footy . Lenny Hayes cried in a jumper just like this when we lost the Grannie to the Pies !

Little kids love their footy jumpers so much they want to sleep in them ! Proudly worn on match day , and any old time , they are cherished , loved and prized . Often passed on from generation to generation , or shared with others . Remarked upon , criticised , joked about  ,but never ignored . Part of Aussie folklore , you bet !

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