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Sash Style Jumpers

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Two famous Football Clubs wear the traditional sash style jumper , jersey, guernsey.

front and back

front and back

They are the  Essendon Bombers and the Richmond Tigers.

Both teams wear the all black with the sash diagonally across their jumper front and back from shoulder to waist . This style of jumper is  iconic and is easily recognised as the traditional Home strip of both sides .

Richmond wear the all black with the yellow sash .

Essendon wear the all black with the red sash.

Both teams have a very large supporter base . Supporters enjoy wearing this traditional style jumper to their teams games.

Tigers sash Jumper

Tigers sash Jumper

Black and white Vs Red Black and white

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Collingwood Magpies play St Kilda Saints on Friday night at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne.

It should be a very good game that promises a close result given the form of both teams in recent matches.

Collingwood always wear the black and white colours in their jumper, jersey , guernsey. They don't have a clash or away strip that is largely white unlike many other afl clubs .

St Kilda who wear red black and white do play in a white clash strip of their jumper , jersey , guernsey.Will they unveil a new one for season 2010?

Do the Saints play in their traditional Home Strip as it is their Home Game ?
If they do will it cause confusion
for players, fans and commentators between the red , black and white and the black and white .

It poses the question will the Saints lower their colours to the Magpies ?

Wait to see at tomorrow night's clash.

White versus Black

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Richmond Tigers played the Western Bulldogs on Easter Sunday , 4th April, The Tigers ,who were the Home Side wore their traditional black guernsey , jersey , jumper with the yellow sash.

The Western Bulldogs, the Away side , wore the white clash strip that is becoming more popular with clubs .

It provides a distinctive contrast to the other team especially if one of the teams is wearing black .

More evidence of this trend was at the Essendon Bombers versus the Fremantle Dockers Match on Easter Sunday .

The Bombers wore their traditional Home strip of black with a red sash . The Dockers wore their all white clash strip with the purple anchor emblazoned on the front .

Results from both games saw big wins to the white or clash strip wearers. A victory to the whites versus the blacks .

With the resounding success enjoyed by the non traditional white jumper wearers will more teams adopt this white clash strip?

Only time will tell but these white jumpers , jerseys , guernseys will probably become highly collectable .

white / clash

white / clash

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