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Two Night Finals

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

The AFL , has scheduled both Preliminary Finals , for night-time @ 7.45pm Friday , and 7.20pm Saturday .

Collingwood for 2010 Premiers?

Collingwood for 2010 Premiers?

Collingwood , play Geelong , on Friday night at the MCG .

St Kilda , play the Western Bulldogs,  on Saturday night at the MCG.

Lots of things, about the 2010 Finals Series, seem familiar .

Collingwood, walk the walk and talk the talk,  but are they capable, of winning the Premiership ?

Geelong ,  the reigning Premiers are quietly confident , as they present for another Finals series , and are a good chance for the Flag.

Western Bulldogs , the battlers from the West , are playing an exciting brand  of football , with the luck of Julia Gillard on their side .

The Saints , sentimental favourites of many, are poised to re-write history, and win only their second premiership, in their illustrious history .

Some questions abound .

Have the Pies , peaked too early ?

Will Geelong win , yet again?

Can the Bulldogs , get across the line,  carrying a  number of injuries , to their key players?

Will the Saints , finally hit paydirt?

Whatever the outcome , of this frenetic round of preliminary finals , of two things, you can be certain .

A record numbers of fans , will be out cheering their teams to victory, wearing their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys .

That Molly Meldrum ,has already painted his fence in the red , white and black of the Saints. Is he a jinx?
Sit back , relax and enjoy . We're in for a bumpy ride to watch AFL Football at its finest.

And Then There Were Four

Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Geelong Cats, rebounding from defeat , at the hands of the Saints, put an end to the Purple Haze , on Friday night. The westerners , ( Freo ) riding into town, fell at the hands of the easterners, at the shrine of AFL football , the MCG , in front of many imported fans .

Similiarily , the dogged Swans,  were ground down by the relentless Doggies, on saturday night at the " G .

Retro Footscray

Retro Footscray

Julia , and 40,000 barking doggies fans,  cheered their battle scarred warriors to victory .

Both the interstaters , were seen off by the Vics with a sniff of victory for  a local Flag , they have set tilt at the Holy Grail of the AFL , the 2010 Premiership Cup .

66'  revisited for Saints ?

66' revisited for Saints ?

The big Cats take on the might of the Magpies,  on Friday night .

In a sense of deja vu " , the Saints battle it out with the Bulldogs , on Saturday night , at the MCG.

Both Games, promise much .

The AFL,  is delighted with this Finals Series,  which has provided much for fans , all wearing their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys,  willing their team to victory.

Geelong and Collingwood , worthy combatants in a do or die Final .

St Kilda and Western Bulldogs ( aka Footscray ), both teams plaqued with a lack of Finals success , are sentimental favourites in many hearts .

Who will succeed? There won't be a man left standing , nor a dry eye in the house,  on the conclusion of both games.

May the best teams win !

Can Collingwood win the ultimate prize ?

Can Collingwood win the ultimate prize ?

First Final

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

The first AFL , Football Final , was held last night.

Appropriately , the curtain raiser, was a match between the two Grand Finalists , of last year . The two Victorian teams, St Kilda and Geelong , playing on a Friday night at the MCG in front of 63,000 parochial fans.

It was adrenalin fuelled , frenetically paced action from start to finish .

The rematch promised much , and the Game delivered . Blood flowed , umpires were maligned , fans roared , fowards missed set shots on goal, but the gritty Saints, ground out a heart stopping win .It was a brilliant spectacle.St Kilda ,avenging last years devastating loss, doggedly prevailed with a four point win, over the marauding Cats .

Fans , wearing their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys , were at the MCG .What started as a mild , dry night ended in torrential rain , with conditions both on and off the ground , becoming slippery and rain soaked .

High profile Saints fan , Eric Bana , was willing his team to win but so were many of the Saints faithful .

Whilst there are still games to play , many Saints fans ,  left the game with a spring in their step , a smile on their face, and a bit of hope in their heart .

Collingwood , flag favourites , play the skillful Western Bulldogs today at the MCG with a huge crowd expected .

Magpies Vs Doggies today

Magpies Vs Doggies today

Julia Gillard , their number one ticket holder will be watching .Is her struggle for power , to be likened to the Bulldogs epicurean struggle , for victory over the Magpies ?

Its fast , its fun , its exciting . Who will be the ultimate victor ?

Finals footy is here at last,  and last nights match was a spectacular forerunner , of whats to come .

Can the Saints relive their 1966 Premiership Dream ?

Can the Saints relive their 1966 Premiership Dream ?

Grand Final and the Federal Election

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Julia Gillard ,the PM , is a keen Western Bulldogs supporter .

She has called a federal election , for Saturday the 21 st August .

The home and away matches, of the AFL Season, end on 28 August .

AFL Finals Football follows .

Is it just coincidence , or did Gillard not want the election to clash with the Finals ?

Fans will be at all games in their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys to support their teams throughout their finals campaigns.

Will the Crows make the FInals?

Will the Crows make the FInals?

Julia and the Bulldogs

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

On a cold , wet , wintry night at the MCG , the Bulldogs were denied victory by the Hawks.

In a hotly contested Game , the Hawks , triumphed over the Dogs , by three points .

Even new PM,  Julia Gillard's support,  couldn't  help the Western Bulldogs to victory .

Perhaps they need to fly her in for every game , to give them a morale boosting presence.

The Western Bulldogs , gallant in defeat , couldn't halt the marauding Hawthorn Hawks , who have now won 7 matches in a row.

Fans turned out in their jumpers , jerseys , guernseys to watch the match .
It was AFL football at its best , as the two closely matched rivals , fought for ascendancy .

The Hawks , were lucky to prevail , and come out winners , at the match's conclusion.

Hawks 7 in a row

Hawks 7 in a row

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