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Themed Footy Jumpers

Friday, May 9th, 2014

The Saints went to Wellington to play footy , and wore Maori themed Football Jumpers . Last weekend , the Blues played in heritage styled AFL Football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys . On Sunday ,  pre the Bulldogs , Demons , clash a field of supporters wearing pink ponchos , will form the pink lady on the MCG , to raise awareness of breast cancer .

Dees Jumper

Dees Jumper


Baby Blue Guenrsey

Baby Blue Guernsey

Whilst the Saints and Blues both lost their matches , while wearing a non - traditional football guernsey , the pink initiative is a positive initiative . In previous years,  Melbourne FC , had played in pink themed football jumpers . On Sunday they will be happy to have Jack Viney , back in their team , after his contentious suspension , for rough play , was withdrawn .


Game Times

Friday, May 10th, 2013

The AFL are scheduling Monday Night Footy again for season 2013 . Saints play the Blues tonight at 7.40pm in Etihad Stadium . The experiment proved popular last year and has left fans hankering for more night games . Happy to please the AFL have pitted the Cats against the Bombers in a traditional Friday night blockbuster at Etihad .



Lions Jumper

Lions Jumper

Interestingly there is only one game on this weekend at the traditional Saturday afternoon time slot when the Lions play the Eagles at the Gabba . All other games , including interstate games are at various timeslots including twilight ,  night or early afternoon . Is it a bold marketing initiative by the AFL   ? Or is it simply a clever merchandising ploy to get  people to as many games as possible ?  It could just be to meet the media requirements of televising , recording and broadcasting all games . Possibly there are  a myriad of reasons but fans are the winners and they love getting to the footy wearing their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys , and cheering their team to victory .

Dogs Jumper

Dogs Jumper

Lions clip Eagles wings and Dogs lose Bite

Monday, June 4th, 2012

In an incredibly close finish the Lions beat the Eagles , at the Gabba , on Sunday afternoon, by 2 points .

west coast footy jumper

west coast footy jumper

Lions Victory

Lions Victorylions jumper

The Dogs were thrashed by Sydney at the SCG , and the Magpies annihilated the Suns on a cold , windswept MCG.

In that other harbour city , the Cats whipped the Giants in Geelong .

Beatings by large margins , has left some teams in turmoil . Suprise , upset wins by others , provided fascinating entertainment over the weekend.

Fans , wearing their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys were treated to superlative entertainment . AFL football has truly earned the title " sport of the people " , delighting all with the brilliant weekend efforts .

Big Questions

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

What are the odds on the  Saints making it 7 in a row ?

Saints = 7 ?

Saints = 7 ?

Has Adam Goodes survived  kicking practice ?

Will the Magpies go off the boil ?

Carlton Mars Jumper

Carlton Mars Jumper

Are the Demons able to win one ?

Why do the Hawks play well in Tasmania ?

How do the Eagles do it ?

Can the Dockers travel ?

Who will win the wooden spoon , Power or Crows ?

Does Queensland sand in the footy shorts prevent the Suns and Lions winning?

Will  Judd make it three Brownlows in Season 2011 ?

Is a Final to be played at the Cattery ?

Vintage Lions

Vintage Lions

Swans in winning mood for 2011

Swans in winning mood for 2011

Will all eyes be on the  Kangaroos over the next few weeks ?

Do the Richmond  Tigers disappoint fans this weekend ?

Can the Bulldogs give it one last yap ?

Fans , watching and hoping , are dusting off  their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys , to wear to the AFL Finals Series .

Winning in your Football Jumper

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Could be  situation normal , at round 7 , of the 2011 AFL Football Season.

Will Lions win their first Game for 2011 against Suns ?

Will Lions win their first Game for 2011 against Suns ?

Where are we at ?

Carlton thinking they are winners

Hawks posing as winners

Demons desperately wanting to be winners

Cats quietly winning

Collingwood still winning

Bulldogs almost winning

St Kilda not winning

Kangaroos winning some of the time
Essendon acting like winners

Brisbane wanting to win

Suns trying to win

Eagles winning in the West
Freo believing they can win
Swans winning in Sydney
Lions not winning at all
Tigers win / loss / draw
Power hoping they will win their next
Crows spending money to win

Will Greater West Sydney win in 2012 ?

When you wear your Football Jumper,  you feel , and look like a winner , despite your teams win , loss or draw.

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