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Every Footy Jumper tells a Story

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Every Footy Jumper has a story to tell .

Footy Jumpers are Memories

Footy Jumpers are Memories


Stories like , it was Uncle Berts which he wore during the tussle for the 1939 premiers flag . This old woollen jumper , has been in the family since the 20's , and has been passed down to the oldest boy in the family ever since . My second cousin , twice removed , bought this for me at Ball and Welch Emporium in Swan st , Richmond , in the 60's . See this dark mark , Royce Hart  bled on it  . A damp patch where Ben Cousins cried . More poignantly , a Fitzroy jumper was used to bind the Kelpie dog's leg , after he was run over in busy st georges rd , and  had to be rushed to the Lort Smith animal Hospital . We found this Saints jumper in the bottom of my grandfathers wardrobe , its a beaut vintage number , free of moth holes . Bruce Doull played in this , I'm sure John Coleman had one like this and Paul Roos led the last Fitzroy team in this .

Most recently the jumpers stories run along the lines off , see this signature , its Buckley 's on the day he retired . This is the Bombers guernsey that Hirdy touched as he ran off the field when we beat Collingwood , ten  Anzac Day Games ago  . This colourful jersey is the one depicting the Dreamtime theme of the AFL indigenous round . A jumper has the special Grand Final Logo , or the commemorative insignia worn to celebrate the Melbourne Football Clubs 150 years of playing footy . Lenny Hayes cried in a jumper just like this when we lost the Grannie to the Pies !

Little kids love their footy jumpers so much they want to sleep in them ! Proudly worn on match day , and any old time , they are cherished , loved and prized . Often passed on from generation to generation , or shared with others . Remarked upon , criticised , joked about  ,but never ignored . Part of Aussie folklore , you bet !

For the love of a Football Jumper

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Everyone who owns an AFL Football Jumper , generally enjoys a love / hate relationship with it .

Your team wins , you are proud to be seen in it . It is waved in the air like an out of control hills hoist , or worn proudly to weddings , parties , anything . Flashback to the aftermath of the 2010 Grand Final

90's AFL logo

90's AFL logo

when Melbourne Town , was under a  black and white haze for weeks .

If your team loses do you slink from the ground , hiding your jumper away ,  feeling depressed , all the while wishing you can remove it , unseen from prying eyes ? Does it languish in the bottom of your cupboard being silently punished for being the wrong colour , waiting to be given a second chance ?

Most fans will always love their jumper . Why blame it , if their team can't find the goals , are playing like a bunch of old women , or just allow themselves to be crushed by a stronger opponent . Footy jumpers know loyal fans will " Stand by You " and that " Its only a game "  . You can pick your  footy team but you can't pick on your footy jumper . Adoption rates are high for pre-loved football jumpers.

kangas vintage

kangas vintage

Babies Love AFL Football Jumpers

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Babies Love AFL Football Jumpers.

They do .

Just ask them .

Ask any parent .

Whats not to like ?

AFL Football Jumpers are stylish .Junior is looking good around town in it.

They are extremely practical as made from polyester which has miraculous recovery powers from baby sick .

Football Jumpers are resilient , they are waterproof . Helpful in leakage situations and able to recover from the spills of everyday baby life.

Most importantly they brainwash the little person into following a particular side .

Marked from birth to a life of following Mum / Dad' s / Nanna's / Grandpa's/ Great Aunt Marcia's Team .

They they are part of the family now , why should they escape the martyrdom of following the family's team .

Buy one today and let the nipper rejoice. They too are now part of the close knit family unit that follows the footy like a religion.

Little people now , footy fans for life.

Baby Tiger

Baby Tiger

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