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Colours stay the same

Sunday, September 4th, 2011

heritage saints

heritage saints

lollipop saints

lollipop saints

In AFL Football , players and coaches come and go . Fans and teams enjoy good years and bad years . Its all part of following your team . The one thing that remains constant , is your teams colours .Whatever the style of football jumper , jersey , guernsey, fans remain loyal to their colours . Many will be wearing them , over the next few weeks , of the AFL 2011 Finals Series

.retro saints

retro saints

todays saints

todays saints

Who remembers these St Kilda Saints Football Jumpers ? 

clash saints

clash saints

vintage saints

vintage saints

Winning in your Football Jumper

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Could be  situation normal , at round 7 , of the 2011 AFL Football Season.

Will Lions win their first Game for 2011 against Suns ?

Will Lions win their first Game for 2011 against Suns ?

Where are we at ?

Carlton thinking they are winners

Hawks posing as winners

Demons desperately wanting to be winners

Cats quietly winning

Collingwood still winning

Bulldogs almost winning

St Kilda not winning

Kangaroos winning some of the time
Essendon acting like winners

Brisbane wanting to win

Suns trying to win

Eagles winning in the West
Freo believing they can win
Swans winning in Sydney
Lions not winning at all
Tigers win / loss / draw
Power hoping they will win their next
Crows spending money to win

Will Greater West Sydney win in 2012 ?

When you wear your Football Jumper,  you feel , and look like a winner , despite your teams win , loss or draw.

For the love of a Football Jumper

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Everyone who owns an AFL Football Jumper , generally enjoys a love / hate relationship with it .

Your team wins , you are proud to be seen in it . It is waved in the air like an out of control hills hoist , or worn proudly to weddings , parties , anything . Flashback to the aftermath of the 2010 Grand Final

90's AFL logo

90's AFL logo

when Melbourne Town , was under a  black and white haze for weeks .

If your team loses do you slink from the ground , hiding your jumper away ,  feeling depressed , all the while wishing you can remove it , unseen from prying eyes ? Does it languish in the bottom of your cupboard being silently punished for being the wrong colour , waiting to be given a second chance ?

Most fans will always love their jumper . Why blame it , if their team can't find the goals , are playing like a bunch of old women , or just allow themselves to be crushed by a stronger opponent . Footy jumpers know loyal fans will " Stand by You " and that " Its only a game "  . You can pick your  footy team but you can't pick on your footy jumper . Adoption rates are high for pre-loved football jumpers.

kangas vintage

kangas vintage

Half Way through the Season

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

This weekend of AFL football matches is round 11 .It is the half way mark for the 22 round season .

Teams that are clear winners are Geelong and Collingwood . There is another group of teams that are in the middle range like St Kilda and Sydney Swans .

More teams further down the League ladder eg Essendon are hoping to continue their winning form so they can play in the Finals.

Richmond Tigers languishing on the bottom of the ladder recorded their first win last weekend .  It was a gritty , surprise victory over Port Power in SA at AAMI stadium in the rain .

Tipsters , amateur and professional alike are having difficulty picking winners .

Grannies in retirement homes are picking winners more accurately than the experts.

It wouldn't be AFL footy without the air of uncertainty .

Loyal fans , wearing their football jumper, jersey , guernsey attend their teams Games no matter their form ie ; Friday night's tussle between Saints and Tigers is believed to be a sell-out.

Whatever its outcome the fans come dressed in their football jumper to watch one of the greatest spectacles in the world.

The humble footy match .

Second Win for Tigers on Friday Night ?

Second Win for Tigers on Friday Night ?

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