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When not to Wear Clash Football Jumpers ?

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

The Gold Coast Suns make their debut this weekend, playing Carlton on saturday night , at the Gabba . New team , flash footy jumpers , big name stars , a refurbished ground , and a match against a popular Victorian AFL team , offers great entertainment , for footy fans .



A team not wanting to adopt a new footy jumper,  are the North Melbourne Kangaroos . They will wear their traditional striped home jumper , in the game against Collingwood Magpies, at the weekend .  As the home team, this is their  choice  , and they are opposing the Magpies , who refuse to adopt a clash strip . Confusion for all , or a clever marketing ploy ? Traditional jumpers , to be worn in a match , to be held at the traditional Saturday afternoon footy game time of 2.10pm.

old timer kangas jumper

old timer kangas jumper

Personalised Football Jumpers

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Just noticed on facebook  , that an avid afl football fan , had designed his own jumper . It was a Collingwood Magpies football jumper , jersey , guernsey, that had his name printed across the bottom , and the number 1 above it . Is he an obsessive footy fan , or just ,  " a  dedicated follower of fashion " ( 60 's Kinks song ) ? Its an interesting exploitation of the magpies brand . Or is it a clever marketing ploy , by Eddie and the gang , to wring even more bucks from the famous name ?

The mind boggles , at the possible combinations . If the fashion takes off ,  Santa could be very

Personalise this with your name and number

Personalise this with your name and number

busy delivering personalised , afl football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys , this Christmas !

Football on a Monday ?

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Last night at Etihad Stadium , in Melbourne ,43,000 fans watched the dynamic Carlton Blues beat a lacklustre St Kilda Saints team.

In a bold marketing initiative ,the AFL has scheduled a Monday night game for the second year in a row.

It attracted an almost capacity crowd .

Fans were out in their jumpers , jerseys, guernseys.

Could this be the start of more Monday night Games ?

Two new AFL teams , Greater West Sydney and Gold Coast , are scheduled to join the competition in 2011.

The AFL has to find new ways to extend the fixture . A match played on a Monday night might be a viable option.

Betts and Blues

Betts and Blues

Saints need a goalkicker  to replace Riewoldt

Saints need a goalkicker to replace Riewoldt

Monday Night Footy

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

St Kilda Saints play Carlton Blues on Monday night 10 May at Etihad Stadium . The match starts at 7.20 pm and will be televised .

It's a bold marketing move by the AFL in a bid to attract  greater attendance figures and put  more bums on seats .

The choice of a game during the week as opposed to weekends , friday night or public holidays is a relatively new initiative .

Both clubs enjoy a large supporter fan base .

Some reports in the media have shown stories of younger fans being unable to attend as it is a school night .

Older fans may be absent due to work commitments.

The AFL , whilst continually developing and looking at new ways to attract supporters will be mindful of this .

Will it be financially rewarding  for the two clubs who are hoping to attract high attendance figures and a hefty revenue payment  for the media broadcast?

Whether they are at the Match or watching it at home fans will be dressed in their football jumper , jersey , guernsey to support their teams.

Will the Blues win on Monday Night ?

Will the Blues win on Monday Night ?

Watch the Saints come Marching in on Monday Night ?

Watch the Saints come Marching in on Monday Night ?

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