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AFL Supporter Gear

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

There is a lot of AFL,  supporter gear ,  available .

Fans can wear, not only, jumpers, jerseys, guernseys, but also tops , caps , scarfs and beanies.

These are made in team colours , and display sport logos, mascots , and sponsors.

AFL Fans purchase, and wear them.

Football jumpers, jerseys and guernseys , are incredibly popular supporter gear, that fans wear , to AFL Games.

Will this other supporter gear , ever replace the football jumper , jersey , guernsey , in popularity for match day attire ?

Football Jumpers Fly

Football Jumpers Fly

Mixed Results

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Mixed Results from the round of AFL weekend games provided fans with some excellent football viewing.

Close games , mighty tussles with the lead changing many times ,  thrills and spills , entertained footy fans throughout the two hour contests.

Fans are excited .All weekend big crowds wore their jumper , jersey, guernsey to the Match and were vocal in their support .

Its halfway through the season and results are evenly spread with fans hoping their team gets through to the September Finals .

Jumpers, Jerseys , Guernseys are worn as protection against the drenching rains and biting cold of the recent winter weather.

Dogs fought back against the Pies

Dogs fought back against the Pies

Jumpers in winter

Friday, May 14th, 2010

AFL Football Fans wear their jumpers all year round .

At this time of year they can be worn over other clothing as an extra layer for warmth.

The modern sleeveless style of jumper , jersey ,guernsey is popular for this reason.

Not only is it the style most players prefer but it allows for layers underneath .

They look good , are stylish and practical , are affordable and can be worn with layers for warmth in winter .

Sleeveless style

Sleeveless style

Changing of the Mascots

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Both AFL teams , Adelaide Crows and Brisbane Lions have changed their mascot .

The Crows have adopted a new style crow . It is a stylised version of a crow and doesn’t resemble the actual bird as much as the old mascot .

Brisbane Lions famously have departed from the old Fitzroy FC Lion mascot. They now use a Lion facsimile with a face printed on the Lion that looks out .

It bears little resemblance to the original Fitzroy Football Club Lion . This has angered and saddened many fans of the now defunct AFL Fitzroy FC.

Fans are generally not consulted about the mascot change .

Most accept the change and acknowledge that it is modern progress and still follow their beloved club.

Lots of fans like the old mascots .

It reminds them of clubs with a grand playing past and helps them relive memories of another era .

A slick , modern re-working of an old mascot cannot always claim the hearts and minds of fans .

Old style Crows Mascot

Old style Crows Mascot

Old style Lions Mascot

Old style Lions Mascot

Sponsors on Jumpers

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Sponsors come and go , team colours and mascots are forever .

Each football season sponsors will pay money to an AFL football club .This is so they can be featured on their all players clothing particularly their jumper , jersey , guernsey .They are receiving advertising and exposure of their company name in a unique way .

Millions of dollars are invested by companies who hope to receive wide exposure in this way .Clubs benefit substantially by signing lucrative deals which offer great financial benefit .

Tobacco companies and alcohol producers are no longer considered appropriate sponsors of sporting clubs .

Previously the breweries CUB , Tooheys or Tooths featured on many jumpers, jerseys , guernseys .

CUB promoted their brand on the front of the Brisbane Lions jumper , jersey , guernsey .These are now highly collectable .

Tobacco companies boldy promoted their sponsorship on jumpers , jerseys , guernseys.

Phillip Morris supported the St Kilda Saints .These jumpers , jerseys , guernseys with this sponsorship logo is still worn by ardent fans.

The pragmatic Saints also promoted Tooheys Brewery on the same jumper, jersey , guernsey .

Healthy Saints and their fans smoked and drank and were happy to promote both .

In these days of “political correctness “, a jumper , jersey , guernsey will promote anything but beer and cigarettes.

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