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25 Years of Friday Night Football

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Friday Night Football celebrated its 25th anniversary last night .

Almost 44,000 fans turned out , on a wintry Melbourne night,  to watch North Melb Kangaroos beat the Carlton Blues.

It was an appropriate tribute to Bob Ansett , former North Melbourne Football Club Committee Member , who was instrumental in establishing AFL, friday night games .

Originally established to get more fans to the game , specifically office workers after work , friday night games evoke memories for players , coaches, fans, and club administration alike.

Fans will always go to Games wearing their football jumpers, jerseys, guernseys , whatever night of the week they are played

The main difference between last night’s game, and those of 25 years ago,is that fans watched the Roos demolish the Blues in the comfort of Etihad Stadium , with comfortable seats , under a roof closed against the wet, cold , dark , winter night .

25 years of Blues

25 years of Blues

Muticulturalism and the Football Jumper

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Melbourne’s, Saturday Age newspaper , reported a news story of three young Somalia men who were playing AFL football, in the amateur AFL affiliated EDFL.

Proud to wear their football jumper , jersey , guernsey , they talked of how much the sport had given them .

Two brothers and a cousin , who all were united in their love of AFL football.

They felt it was a great sport , which had provided them with many opportunities.

They saw it an opening to assimilate into Australian society , and gave them a chance to excel at a sport they have grown to love.

Playing football has helped them recover from bad memories of a war torn homeland .

As superior athletes , they are providing the AFL with a home grown success story of converts to the code .

AFL football was not a game they played in Somalia before migrating to Australia as 12 year olds.

Currently glamour and money are being used by the AFL to attract the signing of high profile recruits ,eg. Folau and Hunt .

Both are untried converts to AFL.

Its heartening to see that grass roots AFL football is still flourishing and has a lot to offer young people everywhere.

It is with pride that these young people wear their football jumper , jersey , guernsey every match day .

Proud to wear their Lions themed Football Jumper

Proud to wear their Lions themed Football Jumper

Changing of the Mascots

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Both AFL teams , Adelaide Crows and Brisbane Lions have changed their mascot .

The Crows have adopted a new style crow . It is a stylised version of a crow and doesn’t resemble the actual bird as much as the old mascot .

Brisbane Lions famously have departed from the old Fitzroy FC Lion mascot. They now use a Lion facsimile with a face printed on the Lion that looks out .

It bears little resemblance to the original Fitzroy Football Club Lion . This has angered and saddened many fans of the now defunct AFL Fitzroy FC.

Fans are generally not consulted about the mascot change .

Most accept the change and acknowledge that it is modern progress and still follow their beloved club.

Lots of fans like the old mascots .

It reminds them of clubs with a grand playing past and helps them relive memories of another era .

A slick , modern re-working of an old mascot cannot always claim the hearts and minds of fans .

Old style Crows Mascot

Old style Crows Mascot

Old style Lions Mascot

Old style Lions Mascot


Friday, February 20th, 2009

Why own a football jumper?

Football Jumpers establish history
Football Jumpers rekindle old rivalries
Football Jumpers create new history
Football Jumpers create common bond
Football Jumpers identify like minded supporters
Football Jumpers give a common sticking point
Football Jumpers establish common ground
Football Jumpers have an identity
We own our Football Jumper
Football Jumpers ignite passion establish boundaries
Football Jumpers revive a period a time or a date or evoke a memory
Football Jumpers identify you as a footy supporter whatever code
Football Jumpers are comfy to wear and can be a talking point
Kids, mums, dads, young people, old people, sports fans of all nations, backpackers travellers all proudly wear their football jumper
Football Jumpers are affordable
Relive memories in your Football Jumper

Football Jumpers invite humour
Football Jumpers are easily identifiable
Football Jumpers are interesting
Football Jumpers a great talking point
Football Jumpers are the same for all
Football Jumpers have the same colours are distinctive, instructive
and are highly visible
Football Jumpers promote well being
Football Jumpers post a common interest
Football Jumpers are not exclusive but are inclusive, unite all in a common cause if only to bag, heckle or abuse rival team supporters
Football Jumpers attract fans from different backgrounds of race, ethnicity, creed, values, political and religious beliefs and eco-socio backgrounds.

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