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Local Football

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

A cold ,wet, blustery , saturday morning,  in Melbourne.

A small inner city football oval , the Peanut Farm Reserve , Chaucer st , St Kilda . A ground steeped in history , it sits in the shadow of Luna Park , and the beach .

VFL Vintage Saints

VFL Vintage Saints

Two teams of young men playing AFL Football. The Home side dressed in the famous red, white  and black,  traditional strip , of St Kilda Saints. Playing are  amateur side , St Kilda City ,versus a team dressed in the red , yellow and black, traditional indigenous strip .

Each is  playing footy , proudly wearing their team's , football jumpers , jerseys , guerneys .

Thousands of young people , male and female ,all around the country, take to footy ovals on a wet , cold, saturday morning , to play the game they have grown up with.

Clearly, its a game they have also grown to love . Why else would they brave the artic weather conditions, mud slides, and an early rise on a winters saturday morning .? Its all part of the fun .

Supporters too , meet , greet ,cheer , have a yarn and a laugh , all barracking for their team in their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys .

Maybe they'll witness a future Robert Harvey take a screamer , or maybe not .

Its just good fun at the footy .

St Kilda City

St Kilda City

AFL Club colours for Amateurs

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Many football clubs play in Amateur Leagues and Competitions.

It could be the local under 10 school based team .eg St Josephs primary school side, Premiers 1998, who play in all blue with yellow V colours .

Older youths play in District SMDC . South Melbourne Districts Club, who play in the red and white and have a Swans Mascot .

Areas form their own teams and play in amateur leagues eg St Kilda City , who play in the Southern Football League .For decades they have fielded local teams at all levels junior through to senior .They play out of the famous Peanut Farm Reserve in St Kilda and wear the red , white and black jumper , jersey , guernsey with a Saint mascot and shield.

Women have their own League. In Victoria it is the VWFL and is growing . St Kilda Sharks is a womens team that also plays out of the Peanut Farm Reserve in St Kilda and wear the red , white and black of their AFL counterparts.

The iconic colours mark a team , an area , a district and a competition .

Amateur or elite team the club colours of the jumper , jersey , guernsey are worn with pride and passion .

bombers colours

bombers colours

go Dees

go Dees

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