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Little Kids play in Football Jumpers

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

All around the country on cold , weekend mornings , young kids are playing  AFL football, in local competitions and clinics  .

Parents ,often nursing hangovers , or lack of sleep , watch on, whilst their youngsters play .

Each kid is usually kitted out,  in their AFLfootball jumper , jersey , guernsey .

All 16 AFL teams are represented .

Obviously , parochial favouritism of local teams occurs , but generally each player has a liking , family history , or reason,  for supporting their team, and wearing the jumper .

Many , wear the number of a favourite player , on their back .

A kaleidoscope of colours , teams , allegiances in football jumpers, on a local scale .

AFL Football , is alive and well at grass roots level , as well as on the bigger stage.

Nic Natinui 's Number 9 for West Coast Eagles

Nic Natinui 's Number 9 for West Coast Eagles

More ” Football Jumpers”

Friday, June 4th, 2010

More " Football Jumpers" are imminent with the defection from NRL and Rugby Union to AFL by high profile players Israel Folau and Karmichael Hunt .

AFL Coaches Mick Malthouse and Brad Scott believe it will be a successful transition and will encourage other players to change codes.

Former AFL player Sydney Swan Nick Davis who thought about converting to NRL from AFL in 2006 states that Rugby players train as hard as the AFL .

Supporters of both codes are confident the kicking skills needed in AFL can be learnt over a six month period.

To be a good kick you need a good technique, which can be taught.

All AFL players need to hone their skills in this area , and practice constantly

With the switch of players from NRL to AFL it poses the question will the switch work the other way ?

Can we expect to see AFL players convert to play NRL ?

Some things don't change . All players , whatever code , will wear their football jumper , jersey , guernsey to play the game in their team's colours.

A new " Melbourne " team ?

A new " Melbourne " team ?

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