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Footy Fans

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012


Welcome to Football Jumpers .com

Football jumpers, guernsey, jersey call them what you like, they are popular right now!

Why wear a Football Jumper?

Football Jumpers are topical

Football Jumpers are tribal

Football Jumpers establish friendship

Football Jumpers give identity

Football Jumpers give a sense of belonging and fun

Football Jumpers make you feel good

Football jumpers are affordable, revive memories, are a fashion item and attract and embrace all

OFFICIAL licensed products are NRL, AFL or other code represented and are endorsed .

It is worth buying the genuine article
They look good are the right colours style and fabric and often have sponsors logos
Money from sales goes back to the clubs and promotes sponsors important to passionate supporters a s a way of supporting club.
They look right,right colours, right logos, right team mascots
The size is right and they fit, wear and wash well
Football Jumpers mark the supporter as a passionate club person
Rule out poor imitations
Give funds back to clubs and allow development of league
Amateur teams also have league colours and can have sponsors logos sewn or printed on their Football Jumpers
Licensed Football Jumpers wash easily and retain shape colour and
Football Jumpers are part of Australia’s national identity

From the dawn of time Australians have played footy

The laconic cries of football fans young and old raised in unison every Saturday afternoon echo around every part ot the country .

The fans love the larrikin streak of being able to abuse the authorities in this case the much maligned umpires ( ya white maggot in true strine)


Friday, February 20th, 2009

Why own a football jumper?

Football Jumpers establish history
Football Jumpers rekindle old rivalries
Football Jumpers create new history
Football Jumpers create common bond
Football Jumpers identify like minded supporters
Football Jumpers give a common sticking point
Football Jumpers establish common ground
Football Jumpers have an identity
We own our Football Jumper
Football Jumpers ignite passion establish boundaries
Football Jumpers revive a period a time or a date or evoke a memory
Football Jumpers identify you as a footy supporter whatever code
Football Jumpers are comfy to wear and can be a talking point
Kids, mums, dads, young people, old people, sports fans of all nations, backpackers travellers all proudly wear their football jumper
Football Jumpers are affordable
Relive memories in your Football Jumper

Football Jumpers invite humour
Football Jumpers are easily identifiable
Football Jumpers are interesting
Football Jumpers a great talking point
Football Jumpers are the same for all
Football Jumpers have the same colours are distinctive, instructive
and are highly visible
Football Jumpers promote well being
Football Jumpers post a common interest
Football Jumpers are not exclusive but are inclusive, unite all in a common cause if only to bag, heckle or abuse rival team supporters
Football Jumpers attract fans from different backgrounds of race, ethnicity, creed, values, political and religious beliefs and eco-socio backgrounds.

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