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Vics still Legends

Monday, July 11th, 2011

The annual Legends Game , was played last Tuesday night at Etihad Stadium . The Big V , who were gamely captained by ‘ Kouta ‘ , retired Carlton superstar , and shambolically coached by Sam Newman , ex - Geelong Ruckman , snatched victory from the jaws of defeat .

The Vics train on this

The Vics train on this

25,000 fans , were treated to a night of on and off field entertainment , when the greats pulled on the boots , and thundered onto Etihad Stadium.

Rocca, kicked the Sherrin out of the Ground , Martyn’s defence was watertight, and Straunchie scrounged the packs .The AllStars , who are the show pony’s of the competition , razzled , dazzled , and tried to steal the game with goal sneak Fitzy’s , kick after the siren .

The mighty Vics remained staunch , and proved again , when push comes to shove they’ve still got what it takes . Sure , bigger size footy jumpers were worn,  and the footy shorts waistbands have expanded , plus there is an explosion of bald heads on the ground , but Victoria proved why it’s still the birthplace , and spiritual home of AFL Footy.

It was a win all round , as fans wearing their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys , enjoyed the spectacle , and gave funds to the EJ Whitten Foundation, who support people with cancer. Ted, wouldv’e been thrilled as the Vics , managed to “Stick it up ’em”.

Vics have still got it

Vics have still got it

EJ Whitten Legends Game

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Last Tuesday , 6 July 2010 , the Big V , took on the All Stars team in the annual ,  EJ Whitten Legends Game . It is a charity fundraiser match, with  proceeds going to fight Cancer , which killed EJ Whitten , the former Footscray great .

It was a close tussle , with the All Stars running out victors on the night , despite a couple of handy goals from former, Cats great , Sam Newman .

A record crowd of 25,347 AFL fans attended the Game , which was held at Etihad Stadium , with the roof closed .

It poses the question what team colours , football jumper , jersey, guernsey , did the supporters wear ?

Who wore number 9 Jumper?

Who wore number 9 Jumper?

Is the Footy Show still Relevant ?

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Is the Footy Show still relevant?

Its a question , many AFL fans , must ask themselves every thursday night ?

A respected panel , of AFL footballers , past and present , and two legends of the game,  Sam Newman and Garry Lyon , are the main presenters of the show.

Sam Newman's Jumper ?

Sam Newman's Jumper ?

James Brayshaw, ex cricketer , and president of North Melb Football Club is a co -presenter .

Segments on teams , playing in upcoming matches , are brief and factual.

The studio audience , is made up of AFL football fans , wearing their teams football jumper , jersey , guernsey .

They are vocal , and hope to glean a snippet of information,  not aired in other media,  through the insights of guest panellist Craig Hutchinson.

Begun in 1994 , it has achieved huge popularity , even winning a Gold Logie .

In recent times has it descended into a second rate entertainment ?

Does it provide enough discussion, on teams and matches , or focus instead on false allegations , racist and sexist taunts , and victimise people on a segment called ,” street talk’ ?

Love it or hate it ?

The Footy Show

The Footy Show

Football and the Logies

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

There are several TV programs talking about afl football.

Channel 10 screens ‘ Before the Game ” which is on before they televise friday nights match .It is a panel with guest footballers , commentators and comedians.Very amusing , witty and good entertainment , it is generally a light hearted look at the footy.

The more infamous ” The Footy Show ” is on channel 9 on Thursday night .

It also has a panel made up of ex footballers , cricketers and afl commentators.

Featured are a panel of current afl players and media personnel.

Often controversial, it has won Logies in the past .Recently its popularity has waxed and waned with most footy fans still enjoying the thursday night spectacle.

Panelists support or play for an afl team They wear the football jumper of their chosen club invisibly but their is no doubt as to their clubs allegiance.

The audience participants wear their football jumpers, jerseys , guernseys.
Its a colourful spectacle as they boo , shout and roar when their teams football jumper appears .

Sam Newman's Old Jumper ?

Sam Newman's Old Jumper ?

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