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Tasmanian Football Jumpers

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Just spent some time in Tasmania, where the hot news item was whether Hobart , could attract the North Melbourne FC, to play two AFL Games at Bellerive Oval .

NMFC to Play AFL Footy in Hobart

NMFC to Play AFL Footy in Hobart

"North versus South" screamed the Mercury newspaper Headline,  in downtown Hobart . A local was heard to remark " I can't believe those people in the North .They are so parochial not wanting Hobart to have footy . '

Such is the passion that AFL Footy ignites , its not even interstate rivalry but intercity rivalry , causing squabbling between the two as to who plays where and when .

NMFC, are to play in Hobart , Hawthorn , are to continue to play in Launceston . Will the locals see a team of 22 professional Footballers , pull on the new Tasmanian Football Team Jumpers, to take their place in the expanded national AFL Competition ?

Tasmania's own colours Football Jumper

Tasmania's own colours Football Jumper

Licensed Football Jumper or chain store special ?

Friday, November 19th, 2010
Retro Richmond TAC Sponsors Jumper

Retro Richmond TAC Sponsors Jumper

Licensed Football jumpers are unique . They carry the teams sponsors , for the current season , or those of a past season . A jumper can be dated,  from the sponsor, who appears on the jumper . An example , is the Richmond Tigers , football jumper . In the past, the TAC sponsored them , and they had "drink drive , bloody idiot " , printed on , their team football jumper , jersey , guernsey .
New sponsors sign up each season , and pay for the right to have the advertsing of their brand , on the jumper . Costly for the company , but they receive world wide media coverage , and priceless exposure of their brand .

Chain store football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys do not carry these logos . They sell a generic afl jumper that has the team colours , and team logo /mascot , but not the sponsors .

If you want a jumper just like the players wear , you need to buy a licensed product . You may not be aware of the difference but the fans are . If you are giving one as a gift , or purchasing it for the special person in your life , young or old , buy the genuine article . It is worth spending , the few dollars more . The recipient will be eternally grateful.

Football Jumper

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Football Jumper , according to the Heinemann Australian Dictionary a jumper is " a garment , usually knitted , worn on the upper part of the body for warmth , etc."

Previously one of the functions of a football jumper was to keep a player warm.

In the modern era this is not its main role. It is used to market the Club ,the Colours, the Player and the Brand . .All are easily identifiable as belonging to a particular tribe and "keeping warm "is incidental .

Jumpers can be high fashion garments . Fans love to wear their Jumper.

Old style Jumpers are historical and collectable .Sentimentality and nostalgia dictate that the old style jumper will not die out .

Modern day Jumpers are streamlined , close fitting and generally made of a synthetic material designed to enhance the players performance.

Jumper , Jersey or Guernsey ? Wear yours to the Game this weekend.



Jersey , Jumper or Guernsey?

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Guernsey is the new word used to describe the humble football jumper.According to the Heinemann Australian Dictionary it means a " heavy woollen jumpers such as is worn by footballers , sailors etc. ( originally from the island of Guernsey in the English Channel )

Todays streamlined version of a guernsey is a vastly different version of a " heavy woollen jumper. "

The modern Jersey , Jumper or Guernsey is usually quick drying , snug fitting polyester, often without sleeves or collar . It is colourful and printed with many logos , names and sponsors.
Even the number, and sometimes the players surname is printed onto the back of the Jersey , Jumper , Guernsey.

Surely the term guernsey is just another word for jumper?

Perhaps jersey is the American term for Jumper . Guernsey is the UK term for it and jumper is Australian.

Who really cares what you call it . If you are at the Game and you are wearing your teams Jersey , Jumper or Guernsey and they are winning that is all that matters!

premiership style



Training Jumper Jersey Guernsey

Monday, March 15th, 2010

AFL Clubs wear different jumpers to train in to those worn on match day .

These training jumpers , jerseys , guerseys have the club mascot , logo and sponsors printed on them.

The jumper is the popular sleeveless style made from close fitting polyester .

The training jumper jersey guernsey is usually only one colour from the teams strip . eg the Power have trained in all black guernseys or all teal ones .

The current training strip of the Brisbane Lions is all red .

It creates a distinctive looking jumper, jersey, guernsey and one that is hard to get .

These jumpers, jerseys, guernseys are rapidly becoming highly collectable items .

Fans wear them to the Game and supporters everywhere like to wear them and keep them .

They are unusual and are a talking point amongst fellow supporters and collectors.

Lions training jumper jersey guernsey

Lions training jumper jersey guernsey

sponsors on back

sponsors on back

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