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Tasmanian Football Jumpers

Such is the passion that AFL Footy ignites , its not even interstate rivalry but intercity rivalry , causing squabbling between the two as to who plays where and when…

Licensed Football Jumper or chain store special ?

Licensed item or chain store special ?

Football Jumper

When describing footy jumpers they can be called football jumpers as opposed to guernsey or jersey.

Jersey , Jumper or Guernsey?

Guernsey is the new word used to describe the humble football jumper.According to the Heinemann Australian Dictionary it means a ” heavy woollen jumpers such as is worn by footballers…

Training Jumper Jersey Guernsey

AFL Clubs wear different jumpers to train in to those worn on match day . These training jumpers , jerseys , guerseys have the club mascot , logo and sponsors…

On Sale

There is savage price cutting raging across the board as shops clear their summer stock to make way for next seasons autumn / winter range.Sales have been on since Christmas…

Jumpers post Summer

An end to summer is in sight with the nights and early mornings drawing in with less daylight and a drop in temperatures. With the changing season a football fans…


Football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys are rapidly becoming highly collectable . As fashions and styles change so does the humble footy jumper . Long gone are the woollen ,…