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Time Traveller Football Jumpers ?

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

AFL team Sydney Swans , home to Carlton at the SCG , took to the ground in red and white hooped jumpers , with 150 emblazoned on them . Is this an historic strip ? or was it an attempt to commemorate an occasion . ?It was a red and white jumper , jersey , guernsey , but bore little resemblance to either their home or clash strip . This hoop style of stripes has long been the traditional style jersey of the Geelong Football Club .

Traditional Carlton Jumper

Traditional Carlton Jumper

Despite this repackaging of the Swans , humble footy jumper , Carlton were the winners on the night . The Blues , buried an atrocious record of success , at the SCG , when they seized victory in the wet and muddy conditions .  Carlton played in their traditional, age old design , navy blue and white , jumper jersey , guernsey . Could it be e a case of stick with what works !

Swans SCG Jumper

Swans SCG Jumper

Whiter than White

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

AFL team ,Carlton Blues soundly defeated St Kilda Saints on Monday Night wearing predominately white jumpers, jerseys, guernseys and white shorts .

The Saints played in their traditional tri colour jumper , jersey , guernsey and black shorts .

It provided a great viewing spectacle with one team in a dark colour, and one in a light colour.

The North Melbourne Kangaroos also played in predominantly white jumpers, jerseys, guernseys with light blue stripes at the weekend .

The white coloured jumper , jersey , guernsey is gaining in popularity .

It seems a sensible approach when opposing teams colours clash or are similiar.

White Saints

White Saints

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