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21 Reasons to go to the Footy this Weekend

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

It is Round 21 of the AFL Home and Away Season . As the end of the season draws closer many teams are competing to play in the 2018 AFL Final Series.


Richmond, the 2017 Premiers are firmly on top of the AFL Ladder , one game ahead of nearest rival,  the West Coast Eagles. Below the Eagles are six teams all with the same win and loss ratio. Two teams are just outside the top eight, trailing those above by just one game. At the other end of the ladder three teams share the bottom four spots with four wins. Carlton is on the bottom of the ladder with just two wins.

Fremantle Dockers Guernsey

Fremantle Dockers Guernsey

The top eight teams are closely matched with four Victorian clubs represented, and four interstate sides . This poses the question will it be a local derby for the 2018 Grand Final?  Or as in 2017 and 2016, will the Victorians play an interstate side to seize victory ? Time will tell as the 2018 AFL Football Season progresses.

Freo Dockers Jumper

Freo Dockers Jumper

Sadly, two young footballers will not play out the remaining 2018 AFL Football Fixture, following an horrific injury to a Fremantle Dockers player who was felled at the weekend by an opposing West Coast Eagles player. The former has season ending injuries, the latter has been suspended for the rest of the season.

Fremantle Dockers Clash Guernsey

Fremantle Dockers Clash Guernsey

AFL Football is played with passion,  this is also borne out by the fierce loyalty displayed by fans when supporting their club. Displaying the colours by the wearing of Football jumpers, guernseys, jerseys is a big part of this passion.

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Friday, May 13th, 2011

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Win a New AFL West Coast Football Jumper

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

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Win this WCE Football Jumper for Free

Saturday Looms

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Saturday Looms as a great contest , between the St Kilda Saints, and the Collingwood Magpies .

Record crowds,  have turned out to watch Collingwood train, at Goschs paddock , resulting in road closures .

There are well publicised pleas from ex-players , fans and family , for Steven Baker , St Kilda's tough defender to play .

Must be Grand Final Week .

Collingwood , the new glamour side of the AFL , are tipped to win .

St Kilda, will try and on their day are very, very good , and could just pull off the miracle many are hoping for .

Collingwood Town Hall , is festooned with 2 banners that are the first two verses part of the theme song , and read, "Good old Collingwood Forever , they know how to play the Game ".

In stark contrast , the St Kilda Town Hall,  is adorned with three small red , white and black panels , that are transparent by night light .

The quiet underachievers,  or flashy show ponies ? I know who my money is on .

AFL football fans will be out in their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys, cheering their team onto victory .

May the best team win !

The Underdogs

The Underdogs

AFL Football Players and the Media

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

Most AFL football players,  enjoy a harmonious relationship,with the media.

Games are reported on , players injuries detailed, and the highs , and lows of a players career , all make good copy .

The supporters insatiable appetite, for all things related to their sport, is quenched on a daily basis, by these media reports.

Continual scrutiny , and reporting by the media, helps fuel interest , and provide accurate information .

Its hard to know when this coverage crosses the line , and becomes invasive for players and their families.

Fans , love to hear about their team, and it's players. Dredging up past misdemeanours , and constantly giving it media coverage, may be detrimental to them , and place the game in a poor light.

Supporters love the game ,their club ,and its players .They will go to watch in their football jumpers, jerseys, guernseys ,when they can . Many enjoy the live televising and replay of afl clashes.

Other issues will be dealt with fairly by the appropriate authorities.

Fans just want to have fun .

St Kilda Player under media scrutiny

St Kilda Player under media scrutiny

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