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Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

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Saints on Sale

Saints on Sale

Time Traveller Football Jumpers ?

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

AFL team Sydney Swans , home to Carlton at the SCG , took to the ground in red and white hooped jumpers , with 150 emblazoned on them . Is this an historic strip ? or was it an attempt to commemorate an occasion . ?It was a red and white jumper , jersey , guernsey , but bore little resemblance to either their home or clash strip . This hoop style of stripes has long been the traditional style jersey of the Geelong Football Club .

Traditional Carlton Jumper

Traditional Carlton Jumper

Despite this repackaging of the Swans , humble footy jumper , Carlton were the winners on the night . The Blues , buried an atrocious record of success , at the SCG , when they seized victory in the wet and muddy conditions .  Carlton played in their traditional, age old design , navy blue and white , jumper jersey , guernsey . Could it be e a case of stick with what works !

Swans SCG Jumper

Swans SCG Jumper

Football Icons

Thursday, November 11th, 2010
Melb Ports old Swans Home

Melb Ports old Swans Home

Last weekend , in the leafy confines , of Orrong Road  , Toorak , I spotted a huge , Collingwood Magpies team logo , painted on a front fence . Is it Eddie's McGuires pad , or just an ardent fan , still revelling in post Grand Final glory ?

Perhaps they got the idea , from Molly Meldrums annual painting of his Richmond fence , in Melbourne Storm , and St Kilda Saints colours ?

Also spotted yesterday , at a downtown Middle Park cafe , were Simon Crean, and Bill Kelty . They were joined by Brett Kirk , recently retired , AFL Sydney Swans player .

Wine , amidst BLT's , with icons of AFL footy plus Victorian Unionist and Federal pollies !

An eclectic mix , or a peculiarly Victorian formula for success?

It begs the question , is Captain Kirk , about to enter politics with the endorsement of the labor power brokers , in the Swans former heartland of Melbourne Ports ?

Footy and Labor , a heady mix !

It might be the off season for AFL Football , but its never completely out of our life .

Many fans are still wearing their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys , or like the owner of the fence , boldly enjoying victory.

Footy in Melb all year round

Footy in Melb all year round

Vintage Football Jumpers

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Vintage football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys , are highly sought by football fans,  and collectors alike.

Often, they belong to a team that no longer exists, or has been amalgamated ,into another team .

Vintage Hawthorn Football Jumper

Vintage Hawthorn Football Jumper

Popular teams in this category , are the Brisbane Bears , and the Fitzroy Lions .Both were either forerunners to , or were amalgamated , into the current Brisbane Lions team.

Avid fans and collectors , will seek out and secure football jumpers,  from this era.

Many collected jumpers are encased under glass , in frames , others are worn with pride , to the game .

Fond memories , of a bygone , gentler era , are embedded deep into these nostalgic jumpers.

The period during which they were worn,  evokes poignant memories of a simpler , spectator sport . Remember that lair on the field , Warwick Capper , in his very short shorts playing for the Brissy Bears?

Paul Roos , Sydney Swans incumbent coach , Captained and performed heroic feats proudly attired in his Fitzroy Lions jumper .

Memories , individual , irreplacable , and timeless, tied up with the fans reverie and nostalgia for a bygone era. All foster a love for AFL football .

Vintage 1987 Brisbane Bears Football Jumper

Vintage 1987 Brisbane Bears Football Jumper

Sydney and AFL Football

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

I have just spent a week in Sydney, where Rugby League, is the popular local sport .

The AFL, has announced that it issued a licence, to Sydney's second AFL team , Greater West Sydney .

Kevin Sheedy , former AFL Richmond player and Essendon Coach is the man entrusted with the establishment and development of the new team. "

"Sheeds" has played a major role in getting more indigenous players into the competition.

At the NSW Art Gallery, a display of black and white photographs , showed the La Perouse Rugby League, indigenous team.

Inspiring photos of a proud history .

Saturday , was AFL match day in Sydney , when the Swans played the Hawks. A party atmosphere was in the air, as the jovial fans dressed in their football jumpers , guernseys, jerseys , made their way through, Surry Hills clogged streets ,to the SCG .

None, seemed too concerned, about getting there , for the first bounce . Many would miss it .

Brave Hawks fans,  wearing their teams football jumpers, jerseys , guernseys, were mixed in amongst the crowd.

The Swans , were victorious and the young indigenous player, Lewis Jetta ,kicked his first goal since being drafted to the Swans team earlier this year.

An indigenous West Australian , playing AFL football , in the only Sydney team in the competition , on a saturday afternoon , at the SCG with 29.000 fans attending .

AFL Football, on a local , interstate, and global level is attracting fans and players everywhere .

Jetta is a West Australian

Jetta is a West Australian

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