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The changing colour of an AFL Football Jumper

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

The humble AFL Football Jumper is no more . Packaged in aerodynamic fabric , now the traditional colours have changed . Carlton, won in the baby blue again last night , and the Tigers replacement of their traditional sash , with a dreamtime painting last weekend , has made the jumpers a highly sought after item .

Blues Clash no more ?

Blues Clash no more ?

Melbourne Demons , are yet to replicate their hot pink strip , of a few years ago, which they  wore as a Breast Cancer fundraiser , but it appears the skys the limit as to who adopts what strip when .

Nicky Winmar's Jumper ?

Nicky Winmar's Jumper ?

Collingwood , are sticking doggedly to their black and white though. Ironic really , as Nicky Winnar , great indigenous Sainter , lifted his footy jumper,  to show his black skin , in the last game the Magpies played against the Saints , at Victoria Park.

Is the Footy Show still Relevant ?

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Is the Footy Show still relevant?

Its a question , many AFL fans , must ask themselves every thursday night ?

A respected panel , of AFL footballers , past and present , and two legends of the game,  Sam Newman and Garry Lyon , are the main presenters of the show.

Sam Newman's Jumper ?

Sam Newman's Jumper ?

James Brayshaw, ex cricketer , and president of North Melb Football Club is a co -presenter .

Segments on teams , playing in upcoming matches , are brief and factual.

The studio audience , is made up of AFL football fans , wearing their teams football jumper , jersey , guernsey .

They are vocal , and hope to glean a snippet of information,  not aired in other media,  through the insights of guest panellist Craig Hutchinson.

Begun in 1994 , it has achieved huge popularity , even winning a Gold Logie .

In recent times has it descended into a second rate entertainment ?

Does it provide enough discussion, on teams and matches , or focus instead on false allegations , racist and sexist taunts , and victimise people on a segment called ," street talk' ?

Love it or hate it ?

The Footy Show

The Footy Show

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