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The changing colour of an AFL Football Jumper

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

The humble AFL Football Jumper is no more . Packaged in aerodynamic fabric , now the traditional colours have changed . Carlton, won in the baby blue again last night , and the Tigers replacement of their traditional sash , with a dreamtime painting last weekend , has made the jumpers a highly sought after item .

Blues Clash no more ?

Blues Clash no more ?

Melbourne Demons , are yet to replicate their hot pink strip , of a few years ago, which they  wore as a Breast Cancer fundraiser , but it appears the skys the limit as to who adopts what strip when .

Nicky Winmar's Jumper ?

Nicky Winmar's Jumper ?

Collingwood , are sticking doggedly to their black and white though. Ironic really , as Nicky Winnar , great indigenous Sainter , lifted his footy jumper,  to show his black skin , in the last game the Magpies played against the Saints , at Victoria Park.

Local Football Grounds

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Games were once played at smaller inner suburban grounds .

Collingwood , played at Victoria Park , Carlton ,at Princes Park , and  South Melbourne at Lakeside Oval.  North Melbourne played at Arden St , and Fitzroy , at Brunswick St Oval .Windy Hill was home to Essendon and the Punt Rd Oval housed Richmond , with Hawthorn at home in Glenferrie Oval ( the ” sardine can “) .

Fans often walked , rode a bike or caught the tram / train, short distances , to these matches in their football jumpers, jerseys , guernseys.

Big crowds and big money have made these grounds obsolete.

Victoria Park languishes but was recently used as a prop for a TV series .
Princes Park has been redeveloped as a training facility for the Blues and is also home to a merchandise shop and office .

The Fitzroy Oval hosts VAFA local football , with a team that plays in the traditional,Fitzroy strip.Windy Hill is Essendon’s, admin , training and spiritual home , as is the Punt Rd Oval for the Tigers.

Arden St, is the training and admin base for the Kangaroos,  and Lakeside Oval is a reception centre and home to local soccer side . Glenferrie Oval, is open public space .

The AFL”S , 70’s white elephant , Waverley Park , is now home to residential housing , the notorious carpark buried under townhouses.

Big stadiums like Etihad at the Docklands and Melbourne’s iconic MCG are home to weekend AFL Clashes.

Fans go in their thousands wearing their football jumpers, jerseys , guernseys to watch their beloved teams play on the big stage.

Vintage Jumper worn to the " Sardine Can " matches

Vintage Jumper worn to the " Sardine Can " matches

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