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Football Jumpers at the Beach

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Yes , despite all evidence to the contrary , Melbourne is fast approaching summer , and hopefully we will get,  warmer weather .

Last Sunday , at St Kilda foreshore ,  I spotted , in two seperate locations , two young men wearing their AFL Kangaroos football jumpers over the top of their boardshorts . One was wearing lurid orange coloured , floral printed , boardies , whilst the other was in more subdued tones .The football jumper was very prominent because of its colour and style . Surely , as they were in St Kilda' s heartland , they should have been  sporting Saints colours !

Whilst on the subject of the  Saints , Sam Gilbert was spotted , the day before ,  crossing Inkerman St , with a female companion in tow , near the site of the remodelled , Newmarket Hotel . Looking tanned and relaxed , following his AFL trip to Ireland for an afl display ,

In Saints home territory

In Saints home territory

is he now going into the pub game like many other afl footballers ?

Local Football

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

A cold ,wet, blustery , saturday morning,  in Melbourne.

A small inner city football oval , the Peanut Farm Reserve , Chaucer st , St Kilda . A ground steeped in history , it sits in the shadow of Luna Park , and the beach .

VFL Vintage Saints

VFL Vintage Saints

Two teams of young men playing AFL Football. The Home side dressed in the famous red, white  and black,  traditional strip , of St Kilda Saints. Playing are  amateur side , St Kilda City ,versus a team dressed in the red , yellow and black, traditional indigenous strip .

Each is  playing footy , proudly wearing their team's , football jumpers , jerseys , guerneys .

Thousands of young people , male and female ,all around the country, take to footy ovals on a wet , cold, saturday morning , to play the game they have grown up with.

Clearly, its a game they have also grown to love . Why else would they brave the artic weather conditions, mud slides, and an early rise on a winters saturday morning .? Its all part of the fun .

Supporters too , meet , greet ,cheer , have a yarn and a laugh , all barracking for their team in their football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys .

Maybe they'll witness a future Robert Harvey take a screamer , or maybe not .

Its just good fun at the footy .

St Kilda City

St Kilda City

Designer Football Jumpers

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

You can wear your football jumper , jersey , guernsey just about anywhere and at anytime .

Young men wear them to the Gym first thing in the morning at 6.00am .

Fans might wear them to a casual bbq or afternoon lunch in their favourite local coffee shop.

Supporters wear them to bars , particularly if its a birthday party or theme night .

If it is rare , or an unusual style or colour , the jumper , jersey , guernsey will create interest .

The jumper , jersey , guernsey may provide a talking point or become a conversation starter .

Jumpers , jerseys , guerneys are highly wearable fashion icons .

Who knows a random person wearing a Football Jumper may one day grace the pages of a new edition of that fashion bible "the Sartoralist ".

Baby designer Gear

Baby designer Gear

Unusual designer style

Unusual designer style

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