Trade Week , The Draft , Gold Coast Suns and off season surgery

The AFL publicity machine , has gone into overdrive , publishing articles on all of the above topics , in newspapers , TV and radio broadcasts .

Ben Cousins angst

Ben Cousins angst

Even the Melbourne Herald Sun , trotted out the tired old line on Ben Cousins , “I still think about drugs everyday  ” , over the weekend .

VFL players being offered contracts with AFL Teams

VFL players being offered contracts with AFL Teams

It is almost  Summer , traditionally , the off season for football .

Rugby and cricket are in the news , with Australian teams playing in the UK , and at home in Australia .

The AFL , even in the off season , have managed to generate interest in footy .

A former Hawk , now a  new recruit to the Gold Coast Suns , has been employed , to write a column on his transition from a Hawk to a  Sun , and the difference in training regimes .

A list of the new young guns , the draft picks for 2011 , and the probable  team , they will be picked to play for  , has been published in the daily press .

Another article features VFL players who are to be offered AFL places . Finally an article on , Jack Riewoldt , of  the Richmond Tigers , and the Leagues 2010 leading goalkicker . His finger surgery , has been detailed , and it explains , it is to repair , a broken finger .

Footy fans , are keen to hear news of their teams , and readers are being treated to a feast of media exposure , compliments of a clever  marketing team at the AFL .

New recruits for the Demons

New recruits for the Demons

It would appear that ,  news of their teams , and football jumpers , jerseys , guernseys , are never far from the footy fans thoughts  .

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